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  1. Idolfo

    Need help to trade better and to trade RIGHT

    You are really a good option, but study it carefully.
  2. Idolfo


    I would advise you to first learn the basics and then start trading.
  3. Idolfo

    where to learn??

    I also started with a minimum deposit that was offered by the Amarkets broker at $ 100, and also used analytical reviews and training materials, which clearly helps to work.
  4. Idolfo

    forex info

    This is a really good enough site to get started with Forex.
  5. Idolfo

    New to Traderji forum

    I believe that sharing experience does not fit into trade
  6. Idolfo

    How to start trading

    I am sure that you need to start with practice on a demo account, it will really help you and keep you safe.
  7. Idolfo

    How to Learn Discipline

    You yourself must determine for yourself the method that is suitable for you, and only in this way will you learn discipline.
  8. Idolfo

    Is this really a worth while goal?

    I think everyone should decide for themselves whether the goal is worthy or not
  9. Idolfo

    How safe is Forex Trading?

    Of course, all responsibility first lies with you, and then you need to be determined with the rest.
  10. Idolfo

    Regulation of Cryptocurrency

    Due to the fact that now the cryptocurrency is gaining very good momentum and demand from, therefore, there is the concept of regulation.
  11. Idolfo

    Forex brokers advice

    It is necessary to find out if there were any negative situations with the withdrawal of funds or delayed execution of orders.
  12. Idolfo

    How to Learn Discipline

    Discipline will develop with practice, and when you reach a good level, you will start making good money.
  13. Idolfo

    Best Trading Platform

    The trading platform should suit your trading style and your abilities.
  14. Idolfo

    What is After Hours trading?

    Even at the stage of training, I understood what trading is during working hours in order to understand all the nuances.
  15. Idolfo

    What are basic things that everyone should know before going in Intraday trading??

    You can make money on intraday trading quite well, but you need to know certain points.
  16. Idolfo

    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    After reading many comments, this is indeed the case, there are many mistakes, and they are very common.
  17. Idolfo

    Mt4 platform

    From the very beginning of my trading I started using this platform and am not going to change it yet.
  18. Idolfo

    Pleasure to be here

    Hi, everyone also decided to join the forum, there really is something to read and share.