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    any website for daily Market Report to email

    Check ICICI or HDFC website. They publish the daily commentary on the market. However they don't send email.
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    Are you an Internet Addict?

    Excellent advise, the drive should come from within.
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    How to make 5% per month in options?

    Options are very risky trade. Don't be in hurry to make money. Do paper trading or trade with very small amount (20k) to get the understanding of market first .
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    Help needed for algo trading

    Write down your strategy very clearly with entry, exit, stop loss, position sizing and other parameters. Identify the filter conditions. Try to write the sentences In if then conditions Also capture few snapshots of the market, utilizing the strategy Once documented, find a coder to write...
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    AAP sweep !!!

    Kejriwal's success is inspiring. He is a self starter and firm believer in himself. He motivated the people around him, started campaigning early and was consistent in his methods. Success was bound to come to him. Can we replicate the same characteristics in our trading endeavor ?