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    Property Investment

    Hi, I am interested in investing in property, at least 2 bhk and my budget would be arnd 50 lakhs. What are the best places for this with good return possibility ? Regards
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    Issue with Rel Netconnect +

    Hi, There is an issue with Rel Netconnect + dongle, i have to connect it twice to make it work, first time i connect it gets stuck at 20 %, then i have to disconnect it and reconnect. Anyone facing same issue or have any solution to this ? Regards
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    Multi Monitor setup

    Hi, I have g31 mobo, 2gb ddr2 ram, core2duo cpu. Please suggest me graphic card for setting up a multi monitor display, not gonna use it for gaming purpose but i will use camtasia for recording purpose. Also please share your multi monitor setup. Regards
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    My Analysis and Trade reviews

    Hi All, Will be posting my analysis and trade reviews here. Welcome all questions, criticism to accelerate my learning. Regards
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    INFY Trade today..

    Hi, Traded today CPB formed in infy @ 943. It was the stock to trade today for me as there was a gap up. Even though i used 1 min timeframe i didn't get any trade opportunity till 0943 hr, so i am thinking of reducing my timeframe for such trades. I follow DOM in the beginning and saw slow...
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    Expected time of revenue decleration

    Hi, I can get the day of quarterly results from but how can i get the expected time of the same ? Regards
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    Important technical analysis events

    Hi All, What all technical events(like breaking of an important support level, or 200 day ema) according to you generate highest interest among traders in daily charts ? Please list all important events according to you. Regards
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    Stock Search

    Hi All, How can i find stocks with high % gain and above some specified volume during intraday ? aim is to find stocks in NSE which have volatility and volume during trading hours. Currently i use below link but it can't be sorted on % change and i am not able to send this to excel, so its...
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    TBQ and TSQ in market depth ?

    Hi All, How TBQ and TSQ quantity in market depth calculated ? also how volume in any scrip is calculated ? Regards
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    Please help in this code

    I have made an afl to backtest inside candle setup, but it closes long/short position if it encounters trade in opposite direction. I am using applystop for profit and stoploss exit. Kindly modify below code so that a trade continues as long as applystop is not hit even if opposite trade...
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    Help in amibroker coding

    Hi All, i want to backtest a trading strategy but finding it difficult to code afl. I want to buy 0.05 above the last candle high if certain conditions are met and 0.05 below the low of that candle will be the stop loss. So it should be like this :- Buy = 0.05 above candle high if condition...
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    Issue with amibroker crosshair

    Hi All, I can see only date, time, value and close in amibroker crosshair. How can i bring low, high and volume data in crosshair ? Got the solution .. Regards
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    Auto image of amibroker chart

    Hi, I want to get image of 1-min intraday chart for first half hour of the trading session. Is there any way (AFL) by which i can automate this process ? i want different image for each day saved automatically. Regards