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    AFL required First 15 Candle High Low Marke afl

    Please post First 15 Candle High Low Marke afl
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    Rsi Dynamic level

    this is amibroker afl please convert metastock //Dynamic Levels RSI version V.1.0 // Afl by Karthikmarar // //============================================================ _SECTION_BEGIN("RSI with Dynamic Levels"); SetChartBkColor(colorWhite); DZbuy =...
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    Every candle plot hi hi lo lo

    please help me Every candle plot hi hi lo lo post this afl for examble this pic
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    new harmonic afl

    what this afl how to use this
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    Esignal with Metastock

    hi, i m using esignal premier currently, how to configare esignal real time data to metastock, please help me
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    Find intraday stocks eod

    Dear friend how to find intraday stock daily iam curently i use metastock, which exploration use to daily find stocks , please tell me and help me
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    online scaner

    please tell me good intraday online scaner help me website
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    good intraday tips company

    good intraday tips company please tell me help me helpme help me
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    good intraday tips

    good intraday tips company please tell me help me helpme help me
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    osaka_105 unzip copy to plugin folder work for IS ok not work this afl - please check this error
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    back test afl

    please make this one
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    Please correct error 30 help me // ELLIOT WAVE //-- Script Start ------- Option = ParamToggle("Insert To", "Price Chart|Indicator"); pr=Param("Elliot Wave minimum % move",2, 0.001,100); //{ Beginner Elliot Wave stuff } EWpk=PeakBars(H,pr)==0; EWtr=TroughBars(L,pr)==0; //{...
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    Please gudie me Equity intraday

    hi friends iam use amibroker realtime iam many time loss money intraday please tell me how to prepare daily intraday trading help me
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    Afl for intraday best

    which afl best equty intraday trading please tell me
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    all in one afl

    please check the afl correct error error 42 message // ************************** // BEING EXPLORATION CODE // ************************** // -- what will be our lookback range for the hh and ll? nBars = Param("Number of bars", 12, 5, 40); bTrace = Param("Include trace output", 1, 0...
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    Intraday Open Marker Version 1.0

    please convert to amibroker afl code (Intraday Open Marker Version 1.0) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Intraday Open Marker Version 1.0 // Coded by J.J. Hurley // Date 1/1/2007 (Yep, coding indicators on new years day) //...
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    Smoothed RSI Buy Signals

    _SECTION_BEGIN("RSI"); Plot (EMA (RSI(7),5), "SmoothRSI", colorRed); Plot (EMA (RSI(21),5), "Signal", colorBlue); Plot (50, "", colorBlack, styleDashed, styleNoLabel); Plot (30, "", colorDarkGreen, styleNoLabel); Plot (70, "", colorDarkGreen, styleNoLabel); Buy=Cross( EMA (RSI(7),5), EMA...
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    MACD BB Indicator

    Please give me this afl please help me plz MACD BB Indicator development for Amibroker wahabdeen @ h o t m ai l . c o m
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    color afl check this

    /* This a pretty basic codes, recently I made using Amibroker help file,I don't know whether you already have it! The codes can be added in any AFL for changing the Chart's background color every second. Regards.SkyBlue. */ _SECTION_BEGIN("SkyBlue's Animated BkGround"); for( i = 1; i <...
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    Formula for intraday High Low

    Dear sir I am giving Metastock Formula for Intraday High low signal. Can it be written in AFL. If so kindly do so. Formula for intraday High Low ---------------------------- { Time Inputs } StHour:=Input("start Hour",0,23,6); StMin:=Input("start Minute",0,59,0); EnHour:=Input("last...