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    Email Id/Web-Link As User Name

    It is seen that some people log in with email id or a web-link as user name. This is to announce that such members will be banned from TJ without any notice from now on. AMITBE Moderator.
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    A New Thread!

    Hi all...there's something I'd like to share with you. At this point of time I need to take a break from actively pursuing my thread Some Good Steals. I do feel committed to the job I had taken on several months ago, and call it job or responsibility or service or whatever, the essence remains...
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    Hi all, There was a spate of new members yesterday who wish to trade in the derivatives. hkvora, esveepee, Pratap to name a few. wastej is running a most interesting thread titled 'Delta Netural Strategy (short Strangle)' at: You may want to...
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    NIFTY has strong support at 2222-2226 levels, so hope it will not breach this. The next low supports are 2212-2214-2216 levels and hope it will never come to this. Has bounced back up for now from 2223 off. Good luck.
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    Some Good Steals...

    This is more of a pointer as most of the scrips have been mentioned by me earlier. I had already posted Gammon Ind: Has started to get volumes back on the back of the news that it has got an order worth 800 crores fro the National Highways. Something similar happened to GujratNRE Coke which was...
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    Yet Again, Saurav Ganguly!!!

    The importance of knowing where your off stump is! All of you who follow the game would know this term from cricketing parlance, which means that a technically sound batsman at all times is aware where his off stump is. No matter the kind of wicket, whether turning or fast, or the ball be...
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    Bomdyeing And Gammonind

    These two have also been in the list and have holding in Bombay Dyeing. Bombay Dyeing has been beaten down since April 1 where it closed at 369 after a 380+ intra day high. It was down at about 300 in recent days and has been jumping around ever since, with at times big volumes. Today it...
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    Cosmo Films

    I've been looking at this since early May and it gave a break out in the last week of that month where I entered, but the scrip could not sustain and it fell off again. Then on June 8 it broke above its 20 DMA, closing at 85. Today it spurted to intraday high of 99 from yesterday's close of...
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    Cummins and Dabur

    Been following these two and have positions. After the fall on Friday, this could be a good chance for swing traders to enter as they are both set for good gains in near term. Especially Cummins(KIRLOSKCUM at NSE) which has in the last couple of days charged 150 and returned. Past 150 it should...
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    Titan Industries

    Dear Traderji and all the vetren community here, I'm requesting exit levels for TITAN (348) which I had entered at much lower levels. The earlier call was for target of 350. Following the announcement of excellent results three days ago it has climbed almost thirty rupees in less than three...
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    Arvind And Alok??

    Dear Traderji and all the vetrens here, I'm not quite sure where Arvind is heading, which I had picked at lower levels. Any suggestions where the exit should come? The conjecture is there would be profit booking tomorrow morning at 144-145 levels. I could bail out here and reenter after...
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    Sector Wise List Of Scrips At NSE

    Have been studying tech analysis and would be grateful if someone can guide me to a website that has a list of sector wise scrip listing. Or if you have the list would you care to share? Thanks.