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    Doubt about Supply deamnd curve

    Hello friends, Can someone please guide me about supply demand curve defination ? How to find high in the curve and low in the curve ? Thanking you, Regards, Artatran Biswal
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    Help regarding Trendline break scanner condition

    Hello friend, Can any one help me with 5 min trendline break scanner conditions.? I searched in internet but could not get any good conditions besides there are so much of different scan conditions available that i am getting confused. Please help
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    What is quality of base in supply demand trading ? What are the rules ?

    Dear friend, If any body can help please repply about the basing candle quality in supply demand. If any good ebook is there please help me with the link.
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    Stock screener

    Dear friends, Is there any customisable stock screener for differnet time frame except chartink
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    How to enable boring candle in trade tiger

    Dear friends, I am unable to enable boring candle in trade tiger. If anybody knows the procedure please help Regards Artatran Biswal
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    Doubt about how to change multtimeframe if market becomes 12 hours ?

    Dear friends, I need your help in multi timeframe if market hours becomes 12 hours. I am currently using 1hour,15 minutes and 5 minutes. How should i change my time frame if market timing becomes 12 hour ? Please help me i am confused about it. Regards Thanking you, Artatran Biswal
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    Doubt about how to draw support resistance zone

    Dear friends, I am facing problem about drawing support resistance zones and how to use it with multitimeframe. Please guide me Regards, Artatran Biswal
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    Multitimeframe doubt

    Dear friends, I am having doubts about how to decide target with multitime analysis. Please help.
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    Doubt about vc day trading

    In youtube vc day trader showing continuos profit every day. Is the traing good or fake ?
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    Unable to avoid ranging market

    Whenever i enters a sock it becomes rangebound after sometime. Is there any way to find which stock will move tomorrow ? Can adx help to choose nonranging stock for tomorow or are there any other method.? Please tell how to select trending stock for tomorrow
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    How to avoid morning gaps ?

    Dear friends, Can some one guide how to know which stock will gap tomorrow ? Whenever i find a good stock the next morning it create gap killing my entry price and subsequently having late price entry. Please guide how to avoid this situation.
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    Market timing vs restance

    Is there any way to find out timing when the stock will hit the the next restance in day trading if everything goes well ?
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    multi timeframe analysis in day trading

    Hi, I am new to trading. Can any body guide about the timeframes to use in top down analysis for day trading ?