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  1. Mr.G

    Investors Meet-Up Delhi

    I am a part of a group of 150 full-time/ aspiring investors who meet every quarter, there are many investors here also from delhi, who would like to meet up with like minded people.
  2. Mr.G

    Speculation of fuel prices at petrol pumps

    I invite all technical and quant analysts to give their views comments and suggestions in formulating a theory that will in purpose try to predict movement in the petrol and diesel prices. To give you some background, fuel prices are changed fortnightly in India, What i propose is that if we...
  3. Mr.G

    Birla sunlife agents

    I have complained several times, this will be the last time I am complaining. If you keep steady observance on posts. There will be many members posting hyperlinks to Birla sunlife websites. These are most probably agents on guise. You don't let normal members even slight chance of...
  4. Mr.G

    Avoid Distrctions

    By necessity we stock market professionals work off the internet, traders use internet to trade and fundamental investors use the internet to research buys. Now my question is that how should be avoid getting distracted? As in today era a person can click on one interesting link and find that he...
  5. Mr.G

    All traders and investors READ THIS!

    Why talk about only bad emotions? We should be talking about not how to avoid fear, we should be talking about how to embrace confidence. Instead of greed we should talk about self control. Everyone tells why people lose, no one tells them how people should win. In the market two things will...
  6. Mr.G

    Highly Replicable Business Models

    I was looking into the field of micro-franchising, Helping people earn a living through easily set up and highly replicable businesses. Anyone have any ideas of such models? Paan Shops Cosmetics Shops Barber Shops Stationary [Please serious answers only]
  7. Mr.G

    PRESS sticker on car

    I was thinking about getting such a sticker for my car windshield. Can anyone tell me what are the benefits of it? Any media or editorial people might give some info on it.
  8. Mr.G

    Is the forex market best for pattern trading?

    I have read on multiple sources that patterns are highly successful in forex markets due to their speculative nature and immunes to manipulation.
  9. Mr.G

    Should I do a course in Microsoft Excel?

    I have been thinking about the merits of learning excel myself. As till this time either I have been making all my financial models on paper. Now as I have started learning short-term trading, then I dont think my brain can take all the heat. I dont trust excel, Coding errors n all. What are...
  10. Mr.G

    Best book on price action patterns trading?

    Most of you know me as "The Fund Manager" I am a fundamental analyst and investor. I want to learn TA. I wanted to which book is the bible of pattern trading. Like security analysis is for fundamental analysis.
  11. Mr.G

    What Certifications can I pursue?

    As many members of this forum know that I am essentially a kid and I am in process of attaining my formal education. Due to the lack of it and lack of experience in the market. I have alot of trouble getting clients for my business or getting respect here in the forum. I am pursuing my...
  12. Mr.G

    Corporate Governance in Infosys

    The son of the chairman Narayan Murthy is appointed his son as an executive assistant. Now the is seeking permission from the Government to appoint him as a VP! What type of **** is this?! He is blatantly giving away high ranking position to his son! Why cant he join in from the lower ranks like...
  13. Mr.G

    Controversial Fundamental analysis theories

    Efficient Market Hypothesis Very few people are neutral on efficient market hypothesis (EMH). You either believe in it and adhere to passive, broad market investing strategies, or you detest it and focus on picking stocks based on growth potential, undervalued assets and so on. The EMH...
  14. Mr.G

    MACD And Stochastic: A Double-Cross Strategy

    I am basically been a long time fundamental investor, I was impressed by the boarders here in this forum and have decided to allocate 10% of my portfolio to swing trading. After long research and my limited knowledge of technical analysis, I have chosen a MACD And Stochastic strategy. I will be...
  15. Mr.G

    What's the direction for ruppee?

    I need to know if the ruppee will strengthen or weaken in coming week, for non trading purposes.
  16. Mr.G

    Delhi trader & investors association

    This is the main TJ Page for the group. Traderji is a wonderful place to learn about the market. But if people from delhi want to exchange thoughts and ideas off screen then they can join us on our weekly meetings. Other traders traveling to delhi are also invited to attend them. Once we get...
  17. Mr.G

    Agricultural commodity - fundamental analysis

    Can anyone tell me how to perform fundamental analysis on grains? Eg there is drought so price should be so and so, or early rains increase rice output so price should be so and so. Getting my point?
  18. Mr.G

    Dividend growth investing

    Commonly known to people are two types of investing, dividend and growth. I have a focus on dividend giving companies that have a long term record of giving consistent dividend and increases aswell. Valuations are classic graham Dodd ,with my own little twist. And time frame is generational...
  19. Mr.G

    Why is technical analysis more popular than fundamental analysis in. India?

    I have seen that trader in India are more into technical analysis, even though fundamental analysis is more popular. Internationally, in equity cash and for investments people use fundamental analysis. But here in India people use the market more like a casino rather than an investment medium...
  20. Mr.G

    Iron condors

    Can anyone explain how safe they are if I trade nifty in a 800 point range?