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    Help needed in converting MT4 formula into AFL

    Dear brothers, Can any one help converting MT4 formula file to AFL. ITs the bouncing pip system. Manual & formula files are attached for use. We need to convert it into afl. Thank you in advance.
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    AFL development : Ergodic Oscillator

    Dear Trader Friends, This is new indicator and may be helpful to all of us, so we need to develop the AFL for this. This indicator is available in trading software of Ensign Software. The detail information about this is attached in text document. also some screenshots are uploaded on...
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    MACD BB Indicator development for Amibroker

    Dear friends, I need an AFL for MACDBB indicator. The E-signal codes are attached for MACD BB indicator and MACD Trend Indicators are attached here with. Is it possible to develop AFL from this. Some one should be master in both i.e. Esignal and AFL can do this work. This indicator is...