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    Sharekhan's IGNITE

    course is very good...but problem with the back office managment the my ignite tab not yet response after the course finish... no clarity about how the contro 40 trades tobe taken which are profit ours sharekhan bares the loss... so at present i am not having any +ve view about...
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    Sharekhan's IGNITE

    i am currently in last week of course and its really great so far but its usefulness will only be revealed as i test on actual trading,,,which I will be starting doing and then let you know is it worth!!
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    Share Khan Brokerage charges

    You are right friend..there target is new the time one get to know about the brokarage..they aleady take handfull of it....very shrud company... Sharekhan or whatever just get to know about brokerage before you start...
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    15% Guaranteed Returns - Buy both Call & Put options Strategy

    What are the brokerage you are giving and who is the broker I am with sharekhan and they are charging tremendous now I negotiated with them at flat rate of 60 rs per lot