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    Pride's Strategy on other Time Frames

    Admin, please move this to suitable section if necessary. Friends this is an experiment to see how Prides dual TF momentum strategy works on other time frames. When I back tested manually, it was working fine on other time frames (hrly/4 hr, daily/Weekly) and instruments (BNF, Crude, Silver...
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    Assisted tax filing for under 3000?

    Hello traders, Hope you're aware of eztax who does assisted tax filing for trading (FO) for around 4500/. Do you know of any provider that does this service at a cheaper rate please? Thanks.
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    Testing a daily strategy

    Hi friends, I'm here trying to backtest (manually) and implement a simple strategy on daily charts. It uses MACD and Don Chian channels. When it is inside the channel (as most of the time), we may range trade and when it is outside and MACD crosses over, we may buy or sell. Starting from the...
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    SEBI finds NSE guilty in co-location scam; has to pay ₹1,000-cr fine
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    Why do brokers show MTM on a daily basis and not the actual?

    That is, if I bought a normal (delivery) position and it is running in loss a few days later, the broker shows the profit/loss based on yesterday's closing price. So if my original buying price is 1000, yesterdays close is 700, and today's CMP is 750, it'd look like this: MTM: CMP -...
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    Traders, a simple question for you

    Experienced traders will find this simple but newbies invariably might go for the obvious but wrong answer. Qn: If you have just won a trade (with good profits) would you still mark it as a bad trade, as good as a loss? Why? Eg: Your risk limit is 2%, but you placed a trade risking 6% of your...
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    Have you been having internet problems for the past one week?

    Both the Hathway broadband and Jiofi have been giving trouble. The jios phone internet was a relief, but it too was poor. Did you have any such experience in the past 1-2 weeks.
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    Crude did not retest this time?

    As per Technical Analysis, a trend reversal has to retest the previous low. It seems Crude this time did not do that (the low made on 26th). What do you think? Is this rare?
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    Option traders! Have you ever failed to find buyers/sellers for squaring off your position?

    Unlike stocks, in options volume can be low. So did you find yourself in such a situation where there were no buyers or sellers? What did you do then? Thanks for answering.
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    Google App Trading Game to Hone Your Skills

    Hi All, Just found this free game on googleplay for android: Trader trainer. Good practice entering at the EMA pull back, trailing stop etc. Its having Daily charts but the practice is good for other TFs as well.
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    Have You Got A Trading Addiction?

    The issue is very real. Authors like Alexander Elder have written about Trading becoming an addiction. There is a stark parallel between an alcoholic and a trader whose account is being demolished by losses. He keeps changing trading tactics, acting like an alcoholic who tries to solve his...
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    First Step Risk Management Experiment: Return to Basics

    Hi, I'd like to make risk management my first priority and criteria. That is, I'd like to develop the habit of considering a trade only if the risk is within my predetermined percentage. I feel this is what traders should be learning first. When methods start to succeed, greed takes over, and I...
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    Will This Test The Exact Low Before Reversing

    Friends, This is a learning question, as I'm a new Price Action convert, wanted to know if you think Alumini chart below on 5 min will test the exactly previous low (147.95) before reversing? Dont' misunderstand the Bollinger Band. It is only for ranges! I feel many bulls would have already...
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    Self talk for Trading

    Dear friends, Years ago, I was going through a crisis of losing self esteem and purpose in life. At that time, a book came into my life which shed much light on my problem and gave a method of handling it. The book was What to say when you talk to yourself by Shad Helmstetter. It said our life...
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    MCXIndia Not Receiving Investor Grievances

    Hello, Today I tried to register a complaint against the broker SAMCO SECURITIES on MCXINDIA website. However, the exchange is not allowing any new user registration which is a requirement to make a complaint. I tried with Mozilla and Internet explorer.
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    The SCORES site (SEBI complaints site) Is Nonfunctional

    Hello Traders, The SEBI site for complaining against brokers is not working. I tried to register a complaint against SAMCO today. Now I understood why they are acting with such impunity (See here for story: The broker...
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    Serious Issues With Samco

    Dear Traderji members, Kindly advise on the course of action to follow in this issue with this broker: I discovered this error upon (luckily) going through the ledger and contract notes. With my other broker Sharekhan I never had to check the ledger for errors. And they'd readily clarify any...
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    Draconian Tax Will Reduce Derivative Trade Volume

    Derivatives to Attract Same STT as Equities
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    144 and Crude- Can You Share Your Views on This

    Please check 1 min chart of Crude today. It congested for 144 bars, then rose for 144 bars, and then dipped for 144 bars. Any thought on this? But after 16:57, it doesn't show.
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    Rat Brain vs Human Brain To Solve Rigged Puzzles

    Found this interesting: .... TRADING IS SIMPLE Look, for example, at this elegant little experiment. A rat was put in a T-shaped maze with a few morsels of food placed on either the far right or left side of the enclosure. The placement of the food is randomly determined, but the dice is rigged...