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    data plugin developement for amibroker

    Hi , I have been using amibroker using mysql db. Initially it was lagging but then I figured out that when amibroker queries data based on symbol , that query was executing really slow. I added index on symbol & date field & then it worked. Hope this helps.
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    Candlestick Pattern - Abandoned Baby HDFC July 12 , 2018

    So HDFC was increased 15 Rs. & closing price as of Jul 13 is : 2180.70. Can we conclude that abandoned baby candle stick pattern worked ? Any thoughts ?
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    Candlestick Pattern - Abandoned Baby HDFC July 12 , 2018

    Hello everyone , Today abandoned baby pattern formed in HDFC....What are your thoughts on that ? Anyone buying ? HDFC OPEN : 2148.05 HIGH : 2179.1 LOW: 2148.05 CLOSE:2165.2 # OF TRADES : 3805.0 # OF SHARES : 79971.0 NET TURNOVER : 173483000.0
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    Candlestick pattern - 3 Inside up in Eros Media today

    Hello everyone , This is my first post here. So yesterday we had 3 Inside up candle stick pattern formed in Eros Media. I would like to hear from all your suggestions on this. I have just started trading few weeks back & still not quite sure if candlestick patterns are reliable. Looking...