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    INDIAIn Bear Market? An Elliottwave Analysis

    INDIA: A BEAR MARKET? Everyday we hear economists, analyst and media persons trying hard to find answer to a common question: is india in bear market. They are trying hard to find the elusive bottom of this ongoing market correction. Investors are trying hard to find value picks in this...
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    Metastock Question

    Hi, While working with intraday charts I find chart periodicity between 1 min to 60 min . My question is how can this periodicity be changed to get a chart say of 90 min or 240 minute ? My second query is regarding macd . how can I change macd parameters to say 20,10...
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    My Swing Trading :3 Indicator Method

    Hi, For the past few days I have been seeing much controversy on forum about technical analysis . My opinion is that if you have your home work done, if you have confidence in yourself ,if you are diciplined, if you want to learn and succeed, You will develop your own methods and setups...
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    Free commodity charts

    Hi, Here is a link for various commoditycharts with indicators and analysis Regards, vinay
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    Longterm Chart Of India

    Hi, Any member possessing very long term chart of Indian stock market since 1940 llike RBI share Index or any other. vivek Patil has it on but I think that may be copyright protected. So I donot want to post that on this forum , because that will be in...
  6. J Launches Commodity Futures Launches Commodity Futures Trading :) A good news for those who were looking for a good broker for online commodity future trading. hope this is a very good news for those willing to trade commos like crude sugar and other agricommodities. Regards, vinay:) :) :)
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    Ascending Triangle On Sensex ?

    Looks like an ascending triangle on intraday charts on sensex. a break of 9350 will be crucial
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    Elliott Wave Analysis For Inr/usd

    The current weakness in rupee is in fact at the fag end of its completion. my sense is intermediate wave (B) should end anywhere between 45.90 to 46.77 levels. (infact 45.90 level was crossed a few days back). or inr may go just beyond 46.77( but not much beyond ) to complete the expanded...
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    Elliottwave count for SENSEX

    Hi My guess is we have finished wave A of 4 or should finish it today. If the proposed wavecount is true we should expect wave B of 4 begining today.
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    book on elliottwave

    hi can anyone give me address of a bookseller who has book on elliottwave written by GLEN NEELY (MASTERING ELLIOTTWAVE ). THANKS, regards, joy_verma
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    software cost

    hi, Can anyone tell me what is the cost of metastock, tradestation,or advancedGet etc. and where can these be purchased in north India.(not from net ) regards, joy_verma