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    Naked put

    Reason out on the following lines to understand better. If the strategy were true and everyone knew this, who will buy the put option? I would advise you read about options to understand better. All the Best Shepherd
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    Book closure

    Normally the stock trades with dividend factored in till the ex-dividend or book closure start date and after that stock trades down by the dividend amount. So unless you are in good profit from the purchase, the benefit would be very minimal. You could check websites like to...
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    Newbie needs advice in Nifty Futures trading

    Options are not a good idea to make money especially by buying. Of course they could be used to profit during the results season when taking up positions by Futures or in cash market is too dangerous. Learn about the markets first and then cash market. Options and Futures are about leveraged...
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    Intro - Ravi

    Going by the legendary trader Jessi Livermore quotes (paraphrased) There is no bull side or bear side to the market, there is only one side and that is the right side. Good luck and my best wishes Shepherd
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    Intro - Ravi

    Welcome to the forum. A few points from my side 1) Regarding the brokerage account, try comparing different brokerages and fees they apply to decide the best for you. 2) I prefer to trade on NSE due to good volumes on the large cap stocks. 3) Margin trading is risky. I would advise you not...
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    tricks and tips to play options

    Trading RCOM is difficult. The Average True Range of the stock is around 5 - 10 Rs per day. Couple this volatility with very low delivery percentage only indicates that it is a pure day trading play. The trouble with futures and options play on RCOM is that the lot size is really big and a small...
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    Dividend from Wipro

    When I looked up in for Wipro, the book closure date is mentioned as 01-Jul-2013 to 22-Jul-2013. As long as you have held the stock till 02 Jul 2013, you should be getting a dividend. Shepherde
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    suzlon energy - hold or sell?

    Fundamental analysis, technical analysis these are different methods of justifying the stock price that is already present. No one knows what the stock price should be, so everybody is trying to gauge it from different perspectives. As with many fields, markets are also about judgement and there...
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    Tips for short-selling?

    Shorting a stock is not easy. You could short it by different methods 1) sell in the cash market using margin (in ICICI that is the option, I am not sure about other brokers) 2) Sell Futures 3) Buy put options or sell call options The timing is most critical thing and I would advise...
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    My Trade Report

    I think one of the best day trading stocks as far as I know is Reliance communications. The ATR of the stock per day is around Rs 5 - Rs 6. The delivery percentage per day is a dismal 5 - 8 % though it has huge volumes. Good luck trading.
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    Who gain more in share market, an investor or a trader

    Stock market is good for brokers, government, Exchanges to name a few. These entities piggyback, by way of brokerages & captial gains taxes, on the speculations of people hoping to make money in the market. Therefore for these risk-averse entities to keep making money, markets need to be...
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    What are best techniques to make money in Stocks Market?

    There is nothing such as a sureshot way of making money in the markets. Making money in the markets is all about letting your winning trades to continue while cutting losses on your losing trades. Good luck, Shepherd
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    Intraday Shortage penalty

    I have ICICI a/c. In the short selling segment, they have mentioned clearly that they will try to square off the position by the end of the day. If for some reason, they are not able to do it the price will be Previous day's closing price + 20% mark up the next day. Shepherd
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    Hi new here

    Welcome to the forum. One of the basic rules of trading is, if you lose you should cut your position sizes and tune your game. I am sorry to learn that you have lost a considerable amount. Please do not base your orders based on analyst's view. Be flexible in your approach. Be ready to be a bull...
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    Support and resistance levels!

    Agree with NTrader42. Support and resistance are part of psychology of the market in an effort to quantify the (non-)randomness of the market and rationalize the decisions to buy and sell. The fact that sometimes that they do not hold is because every individual is looking at the same data on...
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    Support and resistance levels!

    Thanks SG. I found it hard to understand the markets. Especially when I was trading Gold through OTC derivatives (I hope that is the right term). Given that gold bull market is continuing over 10 years, how good it is to assume support and resistance levels. In these two years more than 3...
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    Support and resistance levels!

    Thanks SG. With books being written on TA, I thought I would be odd man out questioning it. Eagerly look forward to your new thoughts. Shepherd
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    Support and resistance levels!

    Hi everybody, I started studying Technical analysis books to time the market. One thing that used to bother me and prevented me from reading it earlier were support and resistance levels. Let me discuss a hypothetical scenario, Say a stock had a support of Rs 100 last year at the same time...
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    Gap up/gap down how does it work ?

    I got a good link from NSE website about Pre-open. Please have a look Shepherd
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    EU Carbon fees ruling effect on Airline stocks!

    As per my view, the airlines is not that profitable business. Especially with vagaries in demand for air travel, oil price fluctuations, regulations and stringent maintenance rules. Airlines vie with one another for market share and people want to spend more or less same money on air travel...