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    Ceat Rights Issue

    Thanks for your help. jnaik22
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    Ceat Rights Issue

    I have some 200 shares of Ceat Tyres. I understand that they have issued right shares. I have these shares in ICICI demat account. Is there any way I can subscribe to the rights on line? jnaik22
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    Yes,Fantastic observation. Even BSE chart shows a similar formations. I think we are in for an uptrend ,but let us all be very careful and go for select buy based on individual chart.I suggest a careful look at MACD before a buy decision is made. Jnaik22
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    any better service provider, than ICICIdirect?

    Dear Members, I have been also using ICICI and the lesser said the better. These are just useless bunch of newly recruits with no experience and care for customers. The sooner we move to other site it is better.
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    Technical trades-Q&A

    Re: Amtek Auto/Petronet LNG/Indrapr.Gas Petronet is at present on the upper side of Bollinger Bands. It is advisable to wait till it reaches lower end for a purchase.
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    Post your charts here!

    Good Charts. I also feel the advancing /declining ratio is a very good indicator as to where market is heading.(at least in the short run.) jnaik22
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    CEAT looking interesting!

    Sachin, Yes,the chart pattern if bullish in the short term. Keep a strict stop loss around 88. Good Pick . I also noticed an interesting pattern being developed on Ispat Industries. The stock looks poised for an up turn. Any comments?
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    Technical Analysis - Stock Pick

    Yes,the BOI has gained on the wave of all banking stocks going up.But I feel the stock is not as strong as it should be.If we look at the charts,the Stocastic and williams R% gives a bearish signal.One should book profits by selling a part.
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    A Great Charting Resourse

    Hello, Please try this web site for some good insight in Tech Analysis
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    Finolex Industries

    I was reviewing the charts and except MACD and ADX all indicators look bullish,these two indicators only are bearish suggesting some weakness in the stock. Overall indicators are bullish. One can look at an immediate target of 83 with a stop loss of 73.
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    Technical Analysis - Stock Pick

    I normally follow the rule of 1/3. Whatever you want to buy depending on your sector wise exposure and total investible amount,if say I decide to buy 300 shares of IDBI. I will first buy 100. If the market is going up as per my trend anticipation, i buy again 100. if the market starts moving...
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    Technical Analysis - Stock Pick

    BOI has ultimately posted a Bearish Dark Cloud cover on 1/06/05. Should have to wait till we go long on this share. jnaik22
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    Technical Analysis - Stock Pick

    BOI looks to me a overbought share. No clear cut trend line visible at present. On candlestic a Bullish formation is visible on 1/06/05. Would like to wait till more clear pattern is visible. jnaik22
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    Trading Methods

    Dear Traders, Found avery good trading system. See if you can use it profitably. This is called 123 system. You can download it from www.vyomebooks .com jnaik22
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    BUY wipro bonus 1:1

    Please remember the Golden Rule of Trading. Buy on Rumour and sell on news. Since the Bonus news is just out. Do not rush to buy. Wait till all smart investors sell and bring the price down Then buy. jnaik22
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    Thirumalai Chemicals

    vERY iNTERESTING. One needs to look at the technical charts also. What is MACD and Stocastic Saying at present. jnaik22
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    Key risk for stockmarkets?

    Really a nice note. I also feel investor education and grievances handling mechanisms would play a mejor role in reducing the risks in the market for small investors. jnaik22