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    Support and resistance levels!

    Hi everybody, I started studying Technical analysis books to time the market. One thing that used to bother me and prevented me from reading it earlier were support and resistance levels. Let me discuss a hypothetical scenario, Say a stock had a support of Rs 100 last year at the same time...
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    EU Carbon fees ruling effect on Airline stocks!

    European court of Justice today ruled that all foreign carriers must pay carbon fees starting in effect from January 1 next year. I was of the opinion that this will have effect on the already sagging airline industry. Any other comments from other members is welcome. Shepherd
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    Short Selling!

    I am trying my luck at trading equities in the Indian market. I tried trading Forex market and commodities but all of those trades are leveraged and markets are wild as news keeps breaking out every now and then. But I think our stock market is inherently biased as individual speculators (of...
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    NEYVELI stock peformance!

    Hi all, Three months ago I bought NEYVELI shares after reading a recomendation for BUY @ 103.50 per share. Yesterday I watched the stock hit 52 week low. I did sell it off when it was around Rs 75. Does anybody recently have any experiences to share about NEYVELI. It is moving on thin...
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    Hi, I am Shepherd. I am trying my hand at Stocks and found very useful. I look forward to having a wonderful time here. Good luck to one and all Regards Shepherd