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    Daily Nifty Future Strategy

    As Nifty is not giving any negative or positive breakout, it becomes a difficult task to trade in Nifty Future. Today below 5100 mark nifty may try to break it's friday's low 5081.25 and may move towards 5063 and then 5048. Further breach can take Nifty to towards 5000 Bulls may try to...
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    Trading Picks and Strategy

    Canara Bank Broken Out Of Triangle CANARA BANK has finally broken out of Triangle . I think we can now use the trading strategy as mentioned below for the few days . Anyways one may now take a LONG/CALL position in the stock with the following parameters. Entry Level ->> 280-285 TARGET...
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    Diwali Wishes

    Hi Everybody Wish you all very Happy Diwali and best wishes for a Prosperous New Year! Suja Rouf
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    Vishal Exports & LML - Uptrend expected in short term

    I think Vishal Exports and LML are expected to rise in short term. Any Advice from Senior members. Regards Suja
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    Teledata Info - Low Price Stock Pick

    TELEDATA INFO - Low Price Stock Pick Anybody tracking Teledata Info? This stock looks to begin a new uptrend. Can anybody advise why this stock with EPS 20.37 E/P 1.9 is selling at such a low price? Would appreciate if members would contribute their fundamental or technical view on...
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    How are these scrips going to fare in the next 20-30 days?

    Can anyone advise me how are these scrips going to fare in the next 20-30 days? IFCI, PTC INDIA, SAH PETRO, VISHAL EXPO, SAL STEEL, GAIL, BANK OF RAJASTHAN, VIJAYA BANK, IND SWIFT, POLARIS SOFT, GUFIC BIO Regards Suja