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    Trading Quotes

    Following are great quotes taken from various traders/books/websites. I've pasted these quotes on notice board since 3 years and its still working in intraday trading/swing trading or even on longer time period trades. I hope this will also help to other traders. I've made some changes with my...
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    Fcharts where to get Realtime datafeed (paid service)

    Which company's Intraday realtime datafeed is appropriate for Fcharts Pro ? Anybody has any idea as paid subscriber ? esignal,marketdata provider ?
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    Just joined

    Hi, This is my first post. Can anybody help/explain me how EOD data vendors transfers prices of Current-Far-Long Nifty into Nifty I, Nifty II, Nifty III. Can anybody have historical EOD prices of MCX products as Silver - I, Silver -II, Silver -III etc. ? OR how can I transfer bhavcopy...