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    NSE Indraday Data from 1995

    Hello Friends, I am looking for NSE Intraday data from 1995, for Nifty Spot, Nifty Futures, Bank Nifty and major stocks. Kindly guide me where can I get this. I am ready to pay too if its available at a reasonable amount. I am not able to find a source. Expecting you all help me locate it...
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    OptionsOracle Data Import Issue

    I am a regular user of Samoasky's OptionsOracle software, but few days back suddenly this issue cropped up. I am not able to import NIFTY data. I get a message that this symbol does not exist. I also use their Strategy Builder software. Its working absolutely fine. I have written several...
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    Abletrend Software with Esignal

    Hi Friends, Is anyone using Abletrend software here ? ( I subscribed to their one month trial. Its designed to work with Esignal. I have got a problem here. The software gets connected to Esignal but real time updation of charts doesnt happen for smaller timeframe charts...
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    5 min chart data for nifty futures

    hello friends, can i get open,high,low,close data for plotting 5 min chart of nifty futures ? is there any free source ? thanks in advance..
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    Real time data-Metastock

    Hello friends.. Can someone suggest me real time data vendors for Metastock ? I know of Viratech but they are too pricey. Are there any reasonable options ?
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    converting data from mypaisa

    hello, I download eod files from yahoo group- mypaisa and then convert it to metastock format through ms downloader. There are in all around six csv files which have to be manually converted. Does anyone know of some utility or software by which i can convert all the six csv files into...