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    Gann vibration system

    As he said , he won't tell as it's secret !! :rofl::rofl:
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    Gann vibration system

    excerpt from an article 'Doubters At the other end of the spectrum, Alexander Elder, in his 1993 book Trading for a Living, presented a more skeptical view, later used as evidence by Gann doubters. "Various opportunists sell "Gann courses" and "Gann Software." They claim that Gann was one...
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    Gann vibration system

    GANN Angles explanation by Robert ...( credit to Author Robert W Colby) ..... W.D. Gann (1878-1955) developed the use of what he called "Geometric Angles", now commonly referred to as Gann Angles, used to determine trend direction and strength, support and resistance, as well as...
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    Gann vibration system

    Nifty Intraday Timings 16.2.17 10:25/12:15/1:45/3:10
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    Gann vibration system

    @Ajaybabu - u need to grow up :) @rameshraja : For me its not a issue at all , bt some kids take it personally and got into imagination of Lab assistant :rofl: Well this for you @rameshraja not that kid :cool: (he doesn't deserve any reply) I tried to understand his system and found...
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    Gann vibration system

    I got to know you have self proclamation EGO syndrome !! I know my trading and where to book my profits every well and doing awesome. lol... you don't know abt '0' and saying GANN research !! :clap::clap: I got in this thread to know new research done by GANN student but failed. Read...
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    Gann vibration system

    some post i read where you have mentioned these things including price/angle or GANN angles What is most common thing is that in every default config you have changed it a bit and you are trying to impress that these are much better than by defaults and ' I HAVE CHANGED IT , I KNOW IT BUT I...
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    Gann vibration system

    Thanks for explanation and make me understand the things clearly. Views can differ but ultimately goal is to be in profit. So after reading previous all posts its same what I have said.... When it depends mostly on 'own' trading exp and rules you can not make other to trade like yours unless...
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    Gann vibration system

    Thanks for info. For previous high/lows i didn't understand it correctly. Anyhow we'll move forward with future trade. As per latest data, 4247 was LOW VBS number and suppose we bought it at this level. NOW tell me where to exit (intraday/positionally). Practically I feel this problem ...
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    Gann vibration system

    Nicely, I appreciate your effort. I have seen others post too. with VBS but not not sure how I would have traded or can trade with that VBS. So as a learning point of view, it would be nice if you demonstrate/explain how one would have traded on FORCE MOTORS .... find below related data...
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    Gann vibration system

    Thanks for your reply and more light on system .. forcibly adjust : to filter some noise in system one includes additional rules to main system so that it should work in future as per past movement or occurrence. But GOOD to know that you are moving to another rather to adjust . The most...
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    Gann vibration system

    Well done bro ..... I appreciate your efforts but don't get it wrong. GANN is Living Legend in sense as there's no absolutely proof what he did and how. So now he would be living till mkt existence with HIS mystic formaulae and theories. But in fact what you are doing is playing with natural...
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    Anybody has used MySwasto - Android app ? reviews ?

    recently saw ad on TJ . Any body has used MySwasto android app (from google play store) ? seems they are providing training as well. appreciate anybody experience.
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    I can Create AFL but Need Strategy

    lol ....... I agree on this " tech analysis but no AFL programming" but it's stupid to believe on that part ... "know AFL programming but no tech analysis" !! :D ( which includes technical analysis terminology as functions !!) ........
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    review for tradeplus

    Just try with their brokerage calculator with your previous trades..... as in commodity other than 'brokerage' others charges such as 'Transaction', CTT , also matters ............ I found my current brokerage of flat 20 rs per trade gives more profit evenif Tradeplus is charging 'NIL'...
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    Broker not registered with SEBI

    SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 (“RA Regulations”) have been notified on September 01, 2014 and shall come into effect from December 01, 2014. The RA Regulations are available on the SEBI website In terms of the RA Regulations, no person shall act as research...
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    From Dec 1, only registered analysts can give recommendations: SEBI

    SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014 (“RA Regulations”) have been notified on September 01, 2014 and shall come into effect from December 01, 2014. The RA Regulations are available on the SEBI website In terms of the RA Regulations, no person shall act as research analyst...
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    any one have this afl

    Where there is any 'restriction' type i feel happy to have hands on that !! PM with me full info ....... BTW .. Dhavin says on its website "was formed in September 2005" BUT I can see this website was registered on "09-oct-2006" :) :) and another related website with 'prodotcom' was created on...
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    NIFTY Options Trading by RAJ

    Somebody requested to unlock this OI file ...... http://www.************/office/9uUWyUIKce/Nifty_OI_analysis_Locked.html here it is ..may be useful ... Thanks to original author for his knowledge and RIPPPPPP to user who locked this :)...
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    My Afl Strategy

    in general note ....9 PC out of 10 are infected with some virus who use internet and AV is not installed !! .......... so better to install some AV it'll remove automatically .........