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    accounting and audit cost

    Hi do you know of any CA who understand all these well and I can take his service?
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    accounting and audit cost

    How much it cost for accounting and audit for shares and trading and finally filing returns?
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    how to socialize if you trade from home only

    Looking for suggestions from people how to socialize etc if you do only trade for earning that too from home?
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    Looking for a Trader/Investor Mentor

    I am looking for person in Bangalore who is doing only trading/Investing for earning. I dont want trading tips but just how is his overall experience. how he manages other things. good and bad about it. socializing etc. Let me know if someone want to meet me over a coffee and have discussion.
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    looking for CA to calculate my tax on investment

    Hi Nikhil, do you have a reference in Bangalore? you being in Mumbai may be tough to communicate practically.
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    Is long term capital gains in shares taxable if i am trader

    Is there any CA in bangalore who can take care of my accounting and filling returns?
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    Is long term capital gains in shares taxable if i am trader

    Hi, If I come under trader category (not investor), then will my share trading long term (shares sold after 1 year) will attract income tax or it is expemted in all the cases? regards,
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    Looking for like minded investor in Bangalore

    Hi, I am looking for investor community in Bangalore. So that we can meet once weekly/biweekly/daily and discuss our strategies, plan etc. hoping for a favourable response. regards, SS
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    Looking someone for equity research analyst

    @yak: What you mean by "why you paying it as a salary?" If I am asking someone to work for me, don't i have to pay salary? Do you have an alternative arrangement then please suggest...
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    Looking someone for equity research analyst

    Hello, I am looking for a person in finance background with skills in fundamental analysis of stocks for Indian market and overall understanding of Indian equity, debt and commodity market. He/She should have passion for long term trading. note: very less of technical analysis. more of...