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    Swing Trading Dairy

    Recording virtual trades for Swing Trading, which is basically chart based. So discretion is involved. Long Nifty / 10,254 Long Bank Nifty / 21,420
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    Complain link to NSE/SEBI for issue with brokers

    Hello fellow traders. If you have an unresolved issue with your broker, use this link to get attention of the regulatory authorities and resolution of your problems. For NSE : For SEBI ...
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    Oh That's Interesting!

    That's why you do not sell naked options..... (if you do not understand the risk) First OTI (Oh That's Interesting) post.
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    Recommended brokers / trading platform

    Ok. For those who have seen the last few of my post, know what I am talking about. So would like to have input from traders on recommended brokers who can provide the following : 1. Stable platform that is quick on execution especially in F&O and Commodity segment. 2. Has minimal disruption...
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    RKSV - Questionable support and service

    This is my continuing experience of poor support and service with RKSV. The question is what's happening with RKSV? Are they fooling the customers? Or is it that they have become too big to really care? Or stalling and using customer's funds under excuse of COVID? Or else are just being...