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    Option at discount

    Hi Gurus, I need info regarding trading options at discount. I find this few times but due to no knowledge on how to trade, request you to enlight me on the same. Thanks, Sudhakar
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    SnapQuote Nest Trader query

    Hi, If you open any option snap quote. on right hand side, top to bottom 4th item is OI and 6th is Total OI. What is difference in then. It is not sum of all open series. pls see What is this total OI? Thanks in advance. Sudhakar
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    NSE spread contract

    Traders, I have query regarding NSE predefined future spreads which we can find select top 20 spread contracts in drop down menu. It looks like INSTRUMENT TYPE SYMBOL EXPIRY DATE BEST BID(Qty) BEST BID(Price) BEST ASK(Price) BEST...
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    Pros/cons of buying discounted future

    Hi Gurus, This expiry banknifty is discounted due to dividend and mkt condition. What if I buy nacked Aug future as it's already discounted. will it rise if all dividends are paid not considering mkt conditions.
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    NSE data Confusion

    Hi Guru's, I am bit confused with NSE. Pls. help me in understanding data. NSE data is confusing for me. 1. says that MFSL chg in OI is 540 which is 50.66% Now confusion begins: as per