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    The Use of Stop Orders

    Just from personal experience, I think it is always wise to actually place stop orders rather than using so-called 'mental stops'. If you place them prudently, then getting 'stopped out' prematurely should not really be a concern. With respect to managing risk, there is no substitute for a...
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    Futures Market Commentary

    Crude Oil - the July contract was already headed south when the Kuwaiti oil minister announced the projection of a 6 to 8 per dollar drop in crude oil prices over the next two weeks. The announcement just gave it a little nudge to lower territory. Only the next several trading sessions will...
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    This is a new indicator (9-5 count) developed by Earik Beann, former floor trader in the T-Bonds pit at the Chicago Board of Trade and software developer. I am not sure how recently he invented it. I have been tracking it on a few contracts with good intraday volatility, and trying it out on...