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  1. mevaibhav

    Any Indian Stock Broker offering Crypto Trading ??

    Hello Community members, I wanted to know about any Regular Stock Brokers who are also offering Crypto on their Platform. I already know about crypto only Platforms like Binance , WazirX etc, but wanted to know if there are any Stock Broking Platforms like Zerodha, Upstox, Kotak etc offering...
  2. mevaibhav

    TIC(Traders Inner Circle) Reviews

    Hello Community, Has Anyone been following or subscribed to TIC ( Traders Inner Circle ) by Nishant Arora on Facebook ? Has anyone been benefited by it and has been profitable ?
  3. mevaibhav

    is ODIN Diet Dead ?

    With advent of latest Trading tools , where does ODIN Diet stands ? is it getting advancement or still lagging ? i havent seen any change in it since a long time
  4. mevaibhav

    Pure Technical Trading

    Can anyone sitting on a trading desk watching only Technicals and no access to news or Company Fundamentals Trade with profit ?
  5. mevaibhav

    Why Do users of Discount Brokers complaint of Data Feed Inaccuracies

    Hi All, I frequently see users reporting that their Ticks or prices in Discount Brokers like Zerodha, UpStox and new players saying Prices update slow or Ticks are delayed or also Data feed stopping midway Old age broking like Angel, Sharekhan etc never have atleast these kind of complaints ...
  6. mevaibhav

    Trade Basics in USDINR Currency Futures/Options

    Hi All , I need to know how to enter a Buy Trade into ODIN for USDINR Currency. My Query is below. 1. For Futures, When We are buying , the lot size is 1 that means 1000 USD , a) Does that mean I need to have around 61000 Rs if the USD-INR is at 61 Rs ? When I am going to purchase...
  7. mevaibhav

    Very Beginer level Questions

    Hi All, I am not new to market, however never thought of going to fundamental level questions that I am not able to find easily and hope this community would answer those.. Please forgive me in advance if you find my questions too Stupid.... I am posting three questions for a start. 1...
  8. mevaibhav

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone....