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  1. frnw

    Stock Splits: Are They Good or Bad?

    Actually stock split is nothing. I think the main idea is something like marketing. When new investors see AMZN, GOOGL, or TSLA at a smaller price instead of 2000$ or 3500$ it's easier to invest in these biggest companies.
  2. frnw

    My trading journal in CEFs

    Hello everyone, I am thinking to start my personal trading journal and discussing my winners and losers every day. Also thinking about discussing how I play imbalances in CEFs in the open and closing market. Will post my trade where is my enter position, where is my stop( my risk rewards)...
  3. frnw

    What do you think about ETH miners?

    What do you think about ETH miners? Will they move to another project or most of them will sell their miners? Do you like PoS than PoW?
  4. frnw

    How to select an online broker for me?

    My opinion is to have to try at least 3 Brokers. I am trying four different trading brokers from different countries. That's the best way for me.
  5. frnw

    Looser to disciplined looser

    What is your risk reward for your trades? I think you have to keep in mind that your risk reward has to be at least 1:3.