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    Need help to trade better and to trade RIGHT

    A professional trader's first priority is to protect the capital. Forget about 40 -50 % annual returns , firstly learn how to do trading in a right way. People enter stock market with a lot of money but without any trading skill. Trading is not something out of this world. It's definitely like...
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    2022/2023/2024 .. There are two types of corrections , Price wise and Time wise. WE are in correction zone which is not price wise because price is not going anywhere from last some months, so it is definitely time wise correction. Only WD GANN can predict the stock or index timewise...
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    The correction of 2020 had to happen , Stock Market works in cycles. If everyone will earn from stock market then who will loose. If big players wants to increase their holdings, they will target you to leave the position by creating panic through negative news. If they want to leave the...
  4. tradersmantra

    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Let's make it simple. Corona virus to ek bahana tha, asaL mein janta se maal sheen ke bull run chalana tha . Understand the psychology behind this whole scenario .
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    Technical analysis are best but not enough to become successful in this business. The most...

    Technical analysis are best but not enough to become successful in this business. The most important part is psychology of market which challenges every trader in their trading journey. TRADING IN THE ZONE is one of the best book on market psychology which can play a game changing role in your...
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    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    I have checked and read the reviews of your application on play store which are not really satisfying . Users are facing problems on your portal, are you working on improvements ?
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    Need some suggestions and guidance

    Bro, Intraday is not something that can be done very easily. In stock market , intraday comes at last after mastering positional and swing trading. Follow the right procedure otherwise you will be empty handed very soon. Intraday demands for a quick decision making mindset. Are you ready to...
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    How to Buy IPO Stocks Online ?

    You can apply for an IPO through your trading account or bank account . Here you will know the further details related to your query .
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    Why I Bought Bitcoin

    A supply of 21 millions coin is what makes bitcoin a emperor of crypto empire. There are many coins in this market. As we all know that bitcoin is ruling the market due to its limited supply because the whole game is of demand and supply. The crypto market is more bigger than we think it is. It...
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    Intraday trading vs long term investment

    Both the segments of stock market are highly challenging . Intraday demands for quickly decision making mindset to handle the noise which can be really very stressful . Investing is full-fledged game of patience which is not easy for everyone and it also can end up with losses if not invested...
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    Outlook on PRAJ INDUSTRIES

    As you can see, price is moving in a range bound after an upside move. You can expect an upside move again. You need to wait for breakout .There is a possibility of fake breakout also. If you can identify the real and fake breakout , then you definitely can make money in this stock . But don't...
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    breakout in BLS!!

    Sir , Do you understand the difference between false and true breakout ?
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    where to learn??

    You can learn stock market by reading some good books . You can visit the link below :
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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    If trading is a building , then mistake is the ground floor. Trading always starts with mistakes .Just remember my words , Trading is the hardest way to make easiest money .
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    Reliance shares about to explode

    Reliance is one of the best stock for long term investment in stock market . Currently reliance has approx . 10.1% weightage in nifty 50 . It has potential to move the index . So it doesn't make sense to make decision on their quarterly results .
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    Looking for Intraday Strategies (not tips/calls)

    Intraday is a pro level game of stock market . Strategies are forsure available for intraday. But how to apply the particular one is important because market changes the behavior and you cannot work with same strategy in different market. Here you can see details to make a strategy for intraday...
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    Discount broker for intraday traders

    Kotak securities have zero brokerage plan for people under 30 yrs .
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    Forex on platforms like OctaFx

    You can trade in currencies pair with INR , Indian govt. only allows to trade in rupee for currency market . Stock market brokers also provide service for Indian pair currency trade . Zerodha , kotak , upstox etc .
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    Intraday trading vs long term investment

    Both have pros and cons , it depends what want to choose . A trader can do intraday as well as investment in stock market . Simply , If can handle the noise in intraday then go for it . If not , positional and swing trading are also profitable .