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  1. timepass

    Zerodha Order Problem - Updates

    I have mentioned the problem in Zerodha's thread. It went through various channels and the verdict has gone against me. There are further options available and I have not yet decided whether to follow them. Here I will recount only the facts. On 28th Sept, a series of bracket orders were...
  2. timepass

    CIBIL related

    Recently we spoke about CIBIL score in "General Trading Chat" thread. I think we should have a separate thread for it. I just saw a program on Awaaz "Pehredaar". There was a complaint about CIBIL score there. A citizen from Haryana had no credit card, no bank loans, no credit history. Then...
  3. timepass

    BNF/NF - Discount/premium towards series end

    Continuing the topic from here, I collected some data from TradeTiger and here are some observations about BNF (haven't worked with NF so far). It's not a formula, no conclusions, just observations. It does seem that the BNF goes into discount towards the end of the series. I am attaching...
  4. timepass

    Test New Thread for Delete

    Mike testing... 1 2 3 4 5 6....
  5. timepass

    Monthly 1 lakh using Bank RD 22000 per month- Possible ?

    I came across this poster of Central Bank of India and it got me thinking. Now, if I invest in all the 10 years schemes, it costs Rs. 22000 per month for 1 year, and then starts returning 1 lakh per month from 13th month onwards. Another advantage is "No TDS" !! How does it sound ...
  6. timepass

    Some guidelines

    The members should take note that the social media is being subjected to greater policing. So please take care while posting any news/views. All news should be accompanied by the source (internet link etc). Of course, politics has a big influence on the markets and is a part of the trading...
  7. timepass

    Telecom Corner

    Lots of developments in telecom sector these days. A lot of news flows about different instruments and schemes etc. So opening a new thread about it, don't want to cramp it all in the Reliance Jio thread. Here is some news. I know that Telenor isn't a major player, but still this may be...
  8. timepass

    Samsung PC Suite does not work - C5212

    Hello techies, I have this old phone Samsung C5212. I want to transfer the data to my laptop but am unable to do so. The older Samsung PC Suite installs ok but hangs on execution. Tried installing/running using "Run as administrator" and various compatibility options. OS : Windows 8...
  9. timepass

    Event Days Charts, comments etc.

    BNF chart for RBI Policy day December 2016 (lifted from elsewhere in the forum). Open : 15860, high : 18645, Low : 17980, close : 18261 For further charts, let's add whatever other details possible - PCR, USDINR, India Vix, OI etc. anything on which the members may have any questions at a...
  10. timepass

    UPI - Unified Payment Interface - Experiences, opinions, advice etc.

    Please post your experiences with the UPI. Looks like it's going to be the next big thing and everyone will be using it to some extent. I don't have a smartphone so will welcome any experiences with UPI using smartphone. I just saw an ad on TV saying that you can use UPI even if your phone...
  11. timepass

    Useful offers, schemes, deals etc.

    Hello members, i seems to be raining discounts and offers these days. Easy to get lured into, easy to miss good chances. So let's write here about them and see if some of us benefit from it. Here's today's news. Airtel's 10GB 4G Data at Rs. 259 Offer Extended to All Smartphone and...
  12. timepass

    How about a "Grievance" sub-forum ?

    Hi TJ, How about having a "Grievances" sub-forum in "Community Centre" section ? We often have members who want to vent, and we rightly delete those posts. But also often we have other members responding to the offender and then it snowballs. Sometimes even old useful members go off...
  13. timepass

    Laptop power on problems

    Guys, since yesterday I am facing a problem with my laptop. It just won't power on unless the charger is plugged in and switched on. The battery is continuously 100% and if I switch off the charger, the computer switches off too. If I try to power on without the charger, it doesn't power on...
  14. timepass

    Glossary / Terminology

    TF = Timeframe AFL = Amibroker Formula Language VP = Visual Pivot tick = the minimum value by which the price of a scrip moves. For most of the scrips on NSE, the tick is 5 paisa. On BSE, some scrips have 1 paisa tick Pip(s) = same as "tick", used in Forex
  15. timepass

    Debit / Credit card issues, frauds, problems etc..etc..

    Received this in the mail, thought it was worth sharing and starting a topic about it.
  16. timepass

    DP to margin - which brokers have the best facility ?

    Actually, this procedure is really very easy in Sharekhan. It is a single click procedure during the market hours and the money is instantly credited. Just use the "DP to margin" option. Reverting it (margin to DP) is also instantaneous. This set me thinking, which brokers offer the...
  17. timepass

    Terrorist attack in Paris : How will it affect the markets ?

    By now we have all heard/read about the terrorist attacks in Paris. I guess it will hit the stock markets hard the world over, not to the extent of 9/11 attacks, but a goodly bit because these attacks happened on the First World. Please use this thread to post your thoughts about these...
  18. timepass

    USB 3 devices

    Hey guys, do you use any USB 3 devices on your computer ? I thought that since my computer has a USB3 port, I should use it. I was thinking of a USB 3 mouse, but can't find one on or any e-shopping sites. Please provide your inputs about this. .
  19. timepass

    What are "Delivery Handling Charges" ?? Which brokers have it ?

    I just checked my ledger with Sharekhan and was shocked to see an entry for "Delivery handling charges". Can someone please explain it to me ? Do the other brokers have such charges ? It seems that the brokers charge the consumer for delivery of shares, under different guises. The...
  20. timepass

    PSU Bank Recapitalization - Is it desirable ?

    The news item that kicked up all the PSU banks by about 10% almost across the board : In growth push, Jaitley draws up Rs 70,000 cr capital infusion over 4 years Is it really desirable ?? I mean all that will happen is that the politicians will have more room to declare "free" loans and...