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    trading game

    Hi Friends anybody have an idea of a virtual trading game we can trade in rediff (and some other website also ) with virtual cash , thats pretty good for learning the market without loosing our real money ( similar like paper Trading ) the disadvantage of this game is , its only work...
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    Stop loss

    what are the formula for finding the stop loss what are the criteria for setting stop loss for different type of trading like EQUITY day trade short sell short time trade long time trade Options call options put options futures and stock options and nifty option...
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    some doubts about short selling

    I am new to stock market and I learning options and futures trading through various web sites My doubts If I am bullish on market I can buy nifty call If I am bearish on market I can buy nifty put And what happen if I reverse this transaction I mean if I am bullish on market I can short...
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    Doubt about short sell

    hi all I am new to share market I have some doubts If I am bullish on a particular stock , I can buy and hold it . if I am bearish on a particular stock only thing I can buy an option(put), but unfortunately only 200 share are there in derivative segment otherwise i can short that...
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    Haai Everyone

    hi , i am santhosh, i like to know more about trading stock and day trading