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    intraday tips?

    hello, i want to try on intra-day trading because of less delivery charges. how should i proceed, please help me seniors. thank you
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    taxes on capital gains on commodity trading for trades squared off within a week?

    i am new in trading, how much tax is lieved for trades squared off within a week? is it considered speculative earnings (where losses cannot be cut with profits for tax savings)? and does the general tax slab rates applies on it? thank you
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    whats the time frame of futures?

    i was thinking of scalping in futures MCX Crude Oil market. thats done in nifty options but have you guys tried it out in futures? im new in trading and investing thanks.
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    Whats your average holding period of a derivative?

    i am new to trading and investing. are you guys holding derivatives for some minutes (if high no. trades are allowed) or for hours or until expiry like say for month. thanks.
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    whats the min/max. holding period of futures markets of stocks.

    i am new in trading. whats the minimum holding period of futures of stocks. thank you
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    I am interested in commodity trading please help

    i want to trade in oil and gold international market. our MCX has such low volumes that you cannot risk your money into it. how to trade on international market like WTI crude/ Brent Crude. please help thanks.