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    Optionvue kind of software for NSE

    Hi All, You might have seen strategies around Optionvue software which is only US based . Is there any comparable software like that avaialble in india with historical data ? I have checked options oracle but it does not provide historical data. Thanks
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    Automating Simple strategy and order placement

    Hi All, I am looking at the ways to automate a simple strategy (ema crossover) and trade it automatically. Is there any method of doing so ? Few options i am thinking are : 1- Amibroker - trades triggered but did not find a way to punch the orders. NEST automation is possible ? 2 - Code all...
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    Dividend capture strategy-views

    Hi all, I am looking at a dividend capture strategy around web but didnt see it being discussed anywhere for indian markets. So the strategy is -buy the stock before ex-dividend date. equal to the size of FnO lot.. - sell one strike above OTM call -After the ex-dividend date - sell the...
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    Liquidbees addition of dividend earned

    hi all, i have been parking the funds in liquidbees since last one month. but not sure about the dividend payment. Can someone please help in tracking them down ? I read that it is added on monthly basis but nothing is shown in my finvasia account yet. Thanks
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    Options strat Trading diary -

    hi all, i had few threads with linkons options trading then a bits and pieces here and there ... I am creating this thread for various option stratgies i am trading live at the moment. This is for getting the thought process around and also all methods are already discussed in other...
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    How to get the last expiry options data?

    hi is there a way where i can find the last expiry data for options ? Nov expiry.. like what was the price of specific call or put on that day i tried in nse site.. but it says no data found :( thanks
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    Options spread with future hedge - a bit of newtons's strat :)

    hi all, I have been paper trading shorting options and the cover with the future as hedge on either side.. This will be diary for the same along with suggestions from all seniors and people. It is similar to what newton had done but instead of atm call and put this will be a bit far wide .. As...
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    PowerIndiaBulls--- Help needed

    Hi GUys, I have taken the PIB software. But it is not that usefull as you cannot get the nifty future continous 1m data in intraday also.. Is there any one who knows PIB well enough? I also have ami installed... Please reply experts.