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    Buy, Hold,Sell decision

    _*Decision Making in Stock markets*_ To understand price movements in long run better and to go for Buy, Sell or Hold decisions on stock market, please do not forget to consider *SCRIPS* of the scrip. After years of experience I have jotted down the factors as summariesed into acronym...
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    what is your advice for a beginner?

    To understand price movements in long run better and to go for Buy,Sell or Hold decisions on stock market, please do not forget to consider *SCRIPS* of the scrip. After years of experience I have jotted down the factors as summariesed into acronym *SCRICPS*, which is explained below: *S* -...
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    Suggestions requested for better investment plan.

    dear friend, mutual funds are not ultimate investment.their suitability rests on the purpose of investment.real grwth of funds is in either equity or in real estate we blieve,
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    some penny stocks to consider

    better to learn first the difference of scrip and script,share and stocks,penny and low priced scrips,small,mid, large caps.plz then advise on public platforms in capital market.:p
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    Penny Stocks

    good sir, may be u r right.but have u seen fund. of the scrip.I m happy tht my friend baged a good profit in this scrip.but not believe in luck and speculation like terms. thanks
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    Penny Stocks

    can u plz let me know the sales volumes(business expasion) of apple finance and universal arts companies as well as equity/reserve ratio i.e book value of these two stocks.any way there is a term like luck and speculation which can not be always sailing on the same boat.hope my frinds might have...
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    Penny Stocks

    I dont know hw do we define penny me penny stocks means the company which have small (penny)-capital(stock).companies having huge capital and traded below Rs5/-are not called as penny stocks in technical terms.any way god bless you.take care while picking advices from non-technical grounds
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    Penny Stocks

    my dear friend, this is right time to enter in to some of penny turnarrounds.veryfy and satisfy yourself before taking public advice.some strong scrips were given in earlier posts.dujodwalaproduct(514418)was recmmended at Rs30 today being traded at Rs 57and om matal...
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    Penny Stocks

    why not sir Dujodwala products(514418),Nila infra(530377),prraneta ind.(531611),Bampsl securities(531591),kitex garments(521248),netlink solution(509040),gopala poly.(526717),gujrat poly AVX(517288) are some of good picks .u will amaze on their performance. thanks
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    Penny stocks

    Dear friends, while operating in penny stocks one should always consider that who is suggesting the scrip and why ??the person suggesting you must be a technically qualified one.Because on public platform some times people cook there own food by advising us.In indian economy there...
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    How best to understand share market

    dear member, it is very difficult to understand /predict share market,yet we can try to know it through the factors involverd should start with the advice of an expert in order to gain.our decision should not be based on operaters crooked clues.a starter must atleast know...
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    What is one most important lesson of 2009?

    hello to all members. we are socked to read your message.we think it is because of having transacted without analysing the fundamentals.anyway this 2010 year is going to be a crutiol year and take care at every step here.take advise of technically authorised people in...
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    Nifty Intraday Pivot Points

    Dear sir, kitex garments has shown its uptrend arronnd 7-8.but after its numbers nov.09 it busted like anything .after every 5 bucks it stops for sometimes because of immature has ultimate uptrend till new budget provisions.if u recall back ,i recommended kamadgiri synthetics...
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    Penny Stocks

    dear members, it it obvious that sml cap index is rising faster than others.but be careful in selection of right scrip.fundamantally strong turnarrounds could be best avenue in present mkt.kitexgarment,nila infra,couldbe good in my opnion.tanks
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    Nifty Intraday Pivot Points

    dear sir, kabra extrusion has given febulous dividend and it might declare bonus as can be seen from its vast accumulated reserves.this scrip is maintainig its levels even in bad periods.yes ,Harig crank is of course a mystry.the company is not even announcing its numbersafter mar.08.any...
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    Nifty Intraday Pivot Points

    Dear members, may be true that stock market is uncertain yet scrips fundamentaly strong would certainly pay in long can watch kitex garments,kabra extrusion,SBBJ ,gammon infra,these companies have vast reserves and surpluses even enough for bonus issue,one can go for .PLEASE...
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    Stock FUTURES To Keep A Close Eye On

    dear members, you can go for kitex garments(521248),dujodwala products(514418),prreneta indusries(531611),gammon infra(532959),nila infra(530377),BAMPSLsecurities(531951),harigcrankshaft(500178),seasontextiles(514264),netlinksolution(509040),facor steel(532657),ikf tecnology(532414)...
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    Fundamental picks

    Dear members, one should wait for results of companies.Only profit making scrips are suggested to be picked in this globle competitiveness.companies operating below average are going to fight even for their existance. engineering.infrastructure,power,steel are some of the sectors...
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    Post all your stock queries here.

    of course !!
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    Post all your stock queries here.

    daer member , can any body let me know about reason of delisting of Abee infotech( code 530833).