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    MCX Alert

    1. Copperm already closed 2. Nickelm already closed 3. Crudeoilm upto next month only 4. Nickel lot size revised from 250 kg to 1500 kg from January Is Mcx telling retail people to get out-
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    key board not working

    HP pavilion laptop key board working in bios- not working- while trying to type log-in pwd- mouse working- Any solution?
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    eod data

    I need nse eod data based on this format for my charting software.. <symbol>,<name>,<date>,<open>,<high>,<low>,<close>,<volume> Any help is appreciated.
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    Eod data downloader

    Any eod data downloader available to download eod data for nifty 50 and junior nifty stocks to amibroker. Current downloaders downloads entire nse cash data (1500 scrips) which contains numerous illiquid scrips. Any help is appreciated.
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    India procon

    India procon web page not opening- Getting message - account suspended. Any one has got any info-whether the game is over?:clap: Any other discount broker who will follow suit soon?
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    Forex alert

    Times of india-30-01-2014, page 18- Times business- Hdfc bank and kotak started closing the credit/ debit cards of customers where transaction for forex trading ( overseas trading ) is involved. Rbi has sent strict warning to all banks to follow...
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    odin to ami.

    odin software saves intraday chart as xml file. How to import it to amibroker. Any help appreciated. thanks.