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    Best Trading strategy with backtesting

    Rule #1 of any trading strategy is "TREND IS YOUR FRIEND". Rule #2, All the technical indicators are based on "STOCK PRICE". So, I had developed a strategy based on above 2 rules that works perfectly. I had back-tested the strategy from Jan 1st, 2011 to Sep 26th, 2015 and the strategy...
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    Arbitrage trading with 50 lakhs capital

    I am planning to do arbitrage trading for 50 lakhs. If you check this, spot price of stock expiring in 15 days is 218 where as futures price is 221. On expiry both will have same price, so if i do...
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    How to make 5% per month in options?

    I have around 10 lakhs and i am planning to invest in options. Can some body suggest me some best strategy so that i can make 5% per month profit?
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    Why the zerodha/tradesmartonline blocks more margin?

    I have checked using span calculator and found that they will block more margin than the loss expected. Why? Suppose for xyz stock, I buy 1480CE 1000 quantity And sell 1460CE 1000 quantity, in this case the maximum loss for me will be 20k rupees but they are blocking 2 lakh rupees. I don't...
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    Doubt on option trading

    Lets say stock xyz is trading at 1100 For example, if I do the following trades Buy 1120PE 43 Sell 1100PE 28 Buy 1100CE 28 Sell 1120CE 20 Then i make profit of Rs.3 per share.So if i sell 1000 , i get 3000rs right? Will that be paid as commision to broker? What will be commision...
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    Need profit loss calculator

    I need a calculator which can draw graphs by inputting ce,pe cost, strike price and expiry date. where can i find for indian stocks?
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    My options trading for this month

    Though I am trading in equities for past few years and profitable, I am new to option trading and doesnt have much knowledge about strategies. But still I decided to trade from tomorrow in options. It looks for me like a math. Here are the calls I am planning in my first options trade: I...
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    Can I sell 1000 call option of strides, currently trading at 4, when i have 50000rs?

    Can I sell 1000 call option of strides, currently trading at 4, when i have 50000rs with me? Lot size is 500. I am new to option trading.So i have above query? Do selling call option needs the money to be available in account like 1000x500 i.e 5lakhs should be available with me? Or can i...
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    rpower record date

    I am planning to buy 50 shares of rpower within this week.Am I eligible for bonus shares If I buy them now. Is the record date over? or still to come?when will be bonus shares issued?