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  1. bajajdipesh

    Differences in Gold etf fund

    Hi, I am confused while looking at different valuation of gold etf funds at nse website. For Eg: click on below link and you will find there is significant difference in the prices of different gold etf.
  2. bajajdipesh

    HUF pan card

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the use of HUF pan card? Someone told me that we can save tax if we invest thru HUF pan card instead of personal pan card. If thats the case can nyone tell me how one can do that?
  3. bajajdipesh

    Where to invest Real estate or MF?

    I am confused whether in the long run one should invest in real estate or equity. I personally feel that investing in equity will be best shot for long term investment. Any opinion????
  4. bajajdipesh

    Price band for nifty options

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to find the price band for nifty options? I tried to search it on nse sites and got below information. Look at the bold font. It just says "A contract specific price range based on its delta value is computed and updated on a daily basis". But where can I find out...
  5. bajajdipesh

    Need help in understanding order placement in f&O with RKG

    Hi Guys, I tried to short 5000 Sept 2010 put option today with RKG. First of all it says that order is frozen. I did not understood what is meant by frozen order. I contacted customer care of RKG and they replied that I placed order incorrectly. But I am sure that I placed order correctly...
  6. bajajdipesh

    Need help on these charts....

    Hi Seniors, I need your help in chart reading. I am enclosing the daily chart of MASTEK. I took entry on this chart at 258Rs. keeping sl of 234 Rs. I took this entry based on Wide Range Bar (with good volume). Am I right in taking this entry? Please help. Link for chart ...
  7. bajajdipesh

    Need feedback on averaging the stocks

    Hi Seniors and friends, Recently, an idea is popping up in my mind. The idea is to select some stocks at say X Rs. and then sell it at 1.33 X, basically 33% profit or if it goes downside then buy it at 0.75X, basically 75% of previous buy price. If it goes further down then again buy at...
  8. bajajdipesh

    Need help for afl

    Hi, I am the beginner in AFL. I am trying to find whether for x stock y value occus on which date from the latest data. This should be displayed on the chart only. But I am unable to do that. Can somebody help me. For Eg: Allahabad bank closed price as on 14 May 2010 is 157.6 Rs. Now, I...
  9. bajajdipesh

    Paper trading options

    I am starting this thread for doing paper trade in nifty options and see how my strategy goes on. Nifty spot - 4952.60 Bought Nifty 5000PE Jan series - 185 (1 lot) Short Nifty 4700PE Jan series - 75 (2 lot) Bought Nifty 4600PE Jan series - 55 (1 lot) Brokerage - Rs 50 per lot = 200 Rs for 4...