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    discrepency in reported shareholding data

    dear friends, i had been always a deep observer of share movement in company analysis. this gives a first hand view of supply/demand scenario. but there is a catch which i noticed several times. comanies have reported change in share holding data of promoter without being reglected in insider...
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    dilemma between money management principle and probability of this game

    dear friends , i am initiating this thread to discuss the conflict of money managment principle and the probability of your trade risk . i have chosen this f & o segment because here certainly being a small account <10L means a tighter money managment control. though i do'nt advise trading in...
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    Sms Alert For Price Trigger

    FRIENDS, i do my trading with ibulls and rmoney.i feel like myself there may be a lot of people who want to be aware of their critical price trigger during move. i have to do a lot of travelling. i want to know is there any service which provide sms alert for price trigger of any desired...
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    HV & IV calculation in AB

    WELL, do any body have code for these two.i searched a lot but did'nt find anything. thanx
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    nifty option data chart in ab

    dear seniors, how can i use nift f&0 data in ab.plz hlp. there is main prob in merging option field. rajneesh
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    STCG loss offset with gain of this year

    dear ashish & agilent , please clear my doubts. 1. i am a government officer. i started trading this year. am i entitled to trade in futures & options. holding period vary between 2 to 20 days. do i need to inform government regarding this and take permissions from seniors. 2. i was trading...
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    intra-day data at EOD

    friends, i am not a day trader but i do need intraday dat or 5minutes data to analyse my FnO positions more closely. my issues are 1:- though PIB provid e0d , it can be done only individually which is not feasible fas it is very time consuming. so is it possible to dnload data for all...
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    5 minutes data

    respected seniors, first of thanks to tanwbie for excellent posts and hlp.i think like myself there may be a lot of traders who can not afford costly intraday data will like this hlp 1. i have indiabulls terminal which can give me intraday data but i have to select them...
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    amibroker data

    hi, is there anyway to get eod data for indian market NSE esp through amiquote.for yahoo quotes are highly unreliuable and irratic in nature. i am not able to dnload all data from yahoo. please tell the procedure to get data from amiquote.:confused:
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    Option Trading Data

    HI FRIENDS, PLZ , SUGGEST ANY NEWS PAPER which includes option trading data in detail for punjab or delhi. earlier ET was supplying that , now it has withdrawn there any data provider for option & futures to analyse for hodley tools. help plz rajneesh
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    Ta Software Purchase

    HI, I WANT TO HAVE A TA WITH BACKTESTING AND SCANNING FETURE.i have thought of amibroker 7 metastock abut they are costly. ami 7k & meta 28k. any body ,plz, suggest an alternative. my budget is small. plz reply soon. my email id [email protected]