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    About train ticket waiting list

    Hi, I booked a train ticket to Chennai on paytm. At the time of booking the waiting list number was 9. Even in the message I have received it says WL-9. But now when I check the PNR status it says WL/42/GN. What does this mean?
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    Is anybody trading intraday using or charts?

    Hi, Just want to know if anybody is trading intraday using the charts on or, and are the OHLC of these charts correct? What I observed that on the price of tata steel was falling and on tradingview it was rising. Regards Krushna
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    Save customize settings

    Hi, when I do some settings in Tools --> Customise window, they are lost when I restart Ami. How do I save them? Regards Krushna.
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    Hurry!!! Time machine called Jio-Fi only for Rs. 999/-

    Cant tell you how happy I was 10 days ago when I pulled out the ethernet cable that connected the BSNL modem in one room to my laptop in the other room. Thought finally this clutter of wires on my desk will be lesser now. Had decided to be a part of the digital revolution brought in by India's...
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    How to place order on chart in Foxtrader?

    Hi, for past many days I have been searching for info on how to place orders on charts in foxtrader, but I didnt get anything. Has anybody been using foxtrader with TSO? If somebody knows, please give link to videos or material that describes how to place orders on charts. Regards Krushna.
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    Want to buy a printer

    Hi, this is something I should have done a long time before in my trading journey. I have decided to buy a black and white printer to print out the charts of my daily trades. I would need to take max 7-8 printouts per trading day. Most of the times just half of that. My budget is about 6K...
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    Any MP4 splitter/joiner software?

    Hi, want to know if someone is using some free MP4 splitter/joiner software which works good and does its job without any quality loss. Regards, Krushna.
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    This will be a collection of quotes (from legendary traders as well as from TJ and other sites) that I will find useful for me and I will read them while trading live as they will remind me of the important things for me.
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    Anybody trading intraday on 15 min trading time frame?

    Hi, I want to know if anyone trades intraday of 15 min TTF? Regards Krushna
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    About Fear of Missing Out

    I am placing this question in "psychology" section as it is this "Fear" thing that is causing me a lot of trouble. I am a day trader, presently only paper trading after losing some last year and now concentrating on my other source of income more. After getting a bit free from the other work and...
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    Missed Call from +260959206205

    I got a missed call from this number +260959206205 last night around 10.30 Anybody has any idea whats the scam? Only thing I could search was the country code +260 is of Zambia.
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    How to stay focussed while day trading?

    Hi, trading happens to be a pretty boring job, and I learned this by paying some fees to the market, as from as much as I have experienced, one should never approach this as some thrilling adventure to make money, which was the idea I had when I started out. So now that I have calmed off a bit...
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    My SBI net banking hacked?

    Hi, I have a savings account with SBI. The problem started from the day i took a gold loan of 1 Lakh rupees.The day that money came into my account, I recieved an SMS saying "Your transaction XXXX INR 407.85 failed. You may try again. Inconvenience is regretted." The very next day I withdrew...
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    Step Interval in Bar Replay in Ami

    Hi, is it possible to have step interval of 3 minutes in bar replay in Amibroker? Regards Krushna.
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    One note compatible with which android phones?

    Hi, when I tried to install One note on my Android phone, i got message that one note is not compatible with this phone. Can somebody please tell me which phones is it compatible with? And with screen big enough to see the charts properly. Regards Krushna.
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    About Crude

    Hi, I am new to commodities and am trying to trade crude mini and would appreciate infomration about couple of basics: 1) When does the US and European commodities market start according to IST? And is it just 1 timing or different since different time zones in US? 2) Since the...
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    Does Paypal charge 68.89 Rupees on opening account?

    Hi, I just now opened a Paypal account which was "free" and verified my phone number. The account is most basic one using only my debit card info. After verifying my mobile number, I got an SMS from SBI saying thank you for making purchase of 68.89 rupees on POS 00000001 at PAYPAL. What...
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    AFL for trade risk

    Hi, I am not very fast in operating computers so am facing a problem. I take some time to calculate trade risk by looking at high and low of candles and calculate their difference which gives risk for that trade and then calculate position size from that. So is there any AFL that can...
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    Amibroker question

    Hi, in Amibroker, is there any way to make the text/lines/zones that we mark on one intraday chart to make not to appear in other intraday chart? E.g. I have done some markings on 3 min chart, but it also appears on 30 min charts and makes it very clumsy on 30 min chart. So would...
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    Problem with sharekhan trade tiger

    Hi, In sharekhan trade tiger, the low of day today is 8551 in charts and 8541 in market watch. How come they allow so much difference in the charts?