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    Liquidity in stock futures?

    Hi Guys, Some questions about stock futures and liquidity • How liquid is stock futures compared to cash? • Attached is the list of total contracts traded for Jan 15. Underlying value of these stocks are between 500 to 3000 INR. If you check the middle column total contracts traded today are...
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    Order excuation problem with zerodha.

    Hi guys, Just like most of the small traders I am using zerodha. Everything is great but every couple of months there comes an unexpected error where their stoploss doesn't excute or traders are unable to excit their positions. Just recently lot of traders experienced problem with their bracket...
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    Ninjatrader to Zerodha or any other broker

    Hi Guys, Is there any way to connect Ninjatradr to Zerodha or any other broker and execute orders?