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  1. robin000

    Are you in favour of using leverage?

    Hi I've been using leverages from the very first day when I used to paper trade stocks and then moving to real trading and these days trading currencies, (Forex) The results are not bad infact they are good. Whenever i discussed about using leverages majority of taders said they dont...
  2. robin000

    Taxes.General Knowledge?

    Hi, Is there any website where we can find all the information related to taxes?or roughly how much i have to pay as taxes for a profit of Rs 100 000( profits out of short term or day trading for one year) After posting this thread i realized i should have posted in taxation matters, i guess...
  3. robin000

    who wants to be a millionaire before 35?

    Dear friends and respected seniors, this little question might funny or may be feel like somebody is taking it too easy, but honestly this is what i want for myself. We have heard the stories " rags to riches" and we have some living examples too.I always think what would it take to be a...
  4. robin000

    who are you

    hello friends i have a few questions for all of us so that we know what kinda community we're in.the reasons i would like to share these facts is to create mental satisfaction that we are a very good community, as i personally believe if you are a member of a good peer group, then u have nothin...
  5. robin000

    where to get historical charts showing 1-60 min flow on day to day basis

    hello friends i've been studying this website since the last 6 months, its really helpful, every time i read more new questions come up. i am looking for a software or any website which can provide us with 1,5,10,30 min flow(chart) on the historical day by day...
  6. robin000

    historical charts showing 1 min flow on day to day basis(please help)

    hello friends just wnna say thanx to all for sharing there knowledge . any i will ask my question in another thread, if figured out it was a wrong thread to ask such a question.
  7. robin000

    best charts for intraday trades at nse

    hello friends, i am a newbie, trying to learn, just cant find out where to get the best charts for intraday trading:confused: please suggest any softwares or websites