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    A-group shares

    Respected , Can anyone tell me where I can find the list of shares in A, B, and C groups. Zohar Batterywala [email protected]
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    bonus,split , dividend history

    Respected , I am looking for bonus, split, dividend history of stock that are in f&o(about 220). Can anyone has the related material or can guide me to some link where I can find these data from 2000. Zohar Batterywala [email protected]
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    shriram insight brokers

    Respected, Do any one has experience in "franchisee" in "shriram insight brokers" specifically the back-office part. Zohar Batterywala [email protected]
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    Respected, Hello, can anyone help me to find the splits/bonus/ipo price and other details as I have am trying to figure out the purchase price of shares in a portfolio where it spans from 1984 (reliance era) FYI---------------Have already tries BSE, NSE, moneycontrol and all known sites...
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    Respected, I have scheduled my FIMMDA exam(NCFM) on 27-oct but on going through book I find many things repeated and only figure out it on reading twice. So there can be more of it in book. Is there any source for getting the correct material and that has to be in tune with the book which is...