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    Datafeed Vendor Comparison

    oh wow ,... Tomasz ... if ur reading this ,.. please go through following. 1. Amibroker is kind of great software in my opinion, but its crippled. It doesnt have required tick data support nor kind of bid/ask rate and qty kind of support. 2. Instead of blaming people for using pirated...
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    Crude oil evening session for employed for part time income

    Though I wonder how zerodha guyz creates their charts :D Any close at any given time should match but i think there is something wrong with their charts .. i can not see the right closing on 5 min charts :D
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    Crude oil evening session for employed for part time income

    here is the example of 17th.. hope this clears
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    Crude oil evening session for employed for part time income

    The origianal (first post) of the strategy and i quote it From what I can make out so far is , it needs closing of 5:59pm .. (6pm)... and draw a horizontal line of that closing. Take it as a reference.. u can take this closing price on any timeframe. U dont need to have hourly candle for the...
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    Crude oil evening session for employed for part time income

    make it 30 mins candle then ,.. all he meant to say was close at 6 pm... doesnt matter how u locate it ,.. :)
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    if i m not violating any forum rules , i would say in simple terms that now its possible to get a cure for NT8 indicators ;) EDIT : Tested it out with latest ninjatrader 8 x64... Data was flowing into NT8. Cheers
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    Composite Edge ProTrader AlgoStudio

    Thanks but i moved on to other brokers for a while, seeing their pretty unprofessional approach towards potential new clients. :) but surely the platform is great, I might return to it someday :) Good luck
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    @josh1 Is there any way to feed into NT8 x64 ? As i can say now that NT8 will gain popularity soon. :) Also if there is any way to feed Ami / NT via Pi..?? Regards
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    Basic question on globaldatafeeds tick data

    This part is funny to be honest ,.. :)) Let me know if they provide the same kind of data for every instrument. Coz as long as i know, all data providers gives tick ( or we assume it at that way) data, which is generally just last price and last qty and time stamp ( generally 1 sec). If they...
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    Another Bhavcopy Downloader (ABCD)

    I'm downloading bhavcopies manually and formatting them via ABCD ,.. And i dont mind doing it :) thanks again josh
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    gann square,camarilla,Elliot wave,Orb which is best?

    I hardly know about other methods u mentioned here (i know abit about it but it didnt work for me and never suited my trading style.) but ORB works like a charm once u know when NOT TO TRADE. If ur profitable with whatever method ur trading, continue doing so. :) No method is perfect also...
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    Retirement target of 6 crores

    one thing,.. I must congratulate u for being pretty direct about ur targets and planning. I will closely watch this trade. U really gave me some inspiration about some things in my own money management. Best luck , may u achieve ur targets and even beat them year by year ,.. God bless
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    Helmet Hermit's Trading Diary 2020 Equity futures(Single Stock) and Crude oil

    Good going ,.. U reminded me of my old days trading , where I was used to enter with big qty , take a scalp ,.. exit within a minute or two... and take profits home. But a word of advice, scalpers normally give up all the gains of months in a day (i have been through that, and then later on i...
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    Snap Quote UI in Nest Trader

    the 400 part ,.. is the top bid available at that time. TBQ = total buy quantity ,.. which means there r 562 lots pending as resting limit orders including 400 on top. TSQ = total sell quantity... Hope this clears ur mind abit ,.. Have fun and best wishes for ur learning and trading ,...
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    why trdrs losing if

    Lets clear some mis-conceptions regarding trading. 1. One shouldnt trade if he doesnt have good capitalization. >> I personally know traders who started out with as low as 10K in the markets about 8-10 years back. Now they are earning more then 10K a day. So its a myth. 2. One should have a...
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    Order Flow and volume profile trading

    what do u wish ?
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    MCX CrudeOil iEOD data please

    I just need data for backtesting bro,.. I may not trade crudeoil anymore as they removed mini contracts but I like to backtest things, I can derive statistics . And thats why I want them for free,.. I have data for about 6 months or so.. but more the data more ur able to come to some...
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    MCX CrudeOil iEOD data please

    why PM ? If u r willing to give it for FREE then u can post them here or send me via pm. In case if ur planning to sell ur data, then u should post here with proper quote. Anyone interested may contact u in pm then. :) Cheers
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    Ok ,.. Thanks :)
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    How to select stocks

    There are several ways to pick a stock to trade next day. Earlier I used Chart patterns to scan whole EOD database, and find stocks who just broke out or down. Triangles could be very handy. Another thing one can try is using stocks with higher volatility, can be scanned easily with proper...