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    Nest to Amibroker (people serching in 2019)

    Hello All I go through with all the post basically i m searching for real time data with backfill for amibrokar from nest trader i almost read all post and comments her in traderji but didnt find the solution, the link are expire So request to expert please guide here how can we get realtime...
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    please guide me about algo

    i need to create a algo in zerodha for below condition 1) select mannualy 1 to 10 scripts and there quntity for trade 2) main condition if first 5 minit candle is green then buy BO order if candles high will break and vice a versa for BO order stop is candles low or high and target is 2%
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    Where can I get Real timeTechnical indicator's Data in Excel

    Hello Friends I want real time Technical Indicator's Data Like RSI Macd or Super Trend in excel I know how to import live data of stocks live in excel from NEST or Trader Tiger but i need live Data of RSI or macd which we can see in chart in short we all can see RSI in chart in real time but i...
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    Need A Software other than Amibroker

    Hiii Allll Experts In Amibroker Software We Press Down Arrow button when we need to change the chart of one script to another script. Please Suggest any other Software who has this type of feature As per My knowledge software from sharekhan (trader Tiger) or Meta Trader or Zerodha Pi We need to...
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    i need a AFL with below criteria for scan and expolre

    HII all I need a following AFL parameter For Buy 1)Buy When EMA Cross 13 To 27 2) MACD Crossover 3) RSI above 50 4) Current Candle Volume is Greater and than Candle For Sell 1) Sell when EMA Cross 27 To 13 2) MACD Crossover 3) RSI below 50 4) Current Candle Volume is Greater than...
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    profitous . in (any one done his course

    I attend one seminar of profitous .in mr. Malleesh Buudugu his fees is rs.25000/- location is in andheri I want to know If anybody done his course is it worth to do his course