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    Buffet officially worlds richest man

    Warren Buffet is currently the worlds wealthiest man as per the latest forbes billionaires list surpassing William Gates and Carlos slim. THE BILLIONAIRES 1. Warren Buffett 2. Carlos Slim Helu 3. William Gates III 4. Lakshmi Mittal 5. Mukesh Ambani 6. Anil Ambani 7...
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    US in Recession: Buffett speaks out

    Warren Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway, said the US is indeed in a recession. "However, it is perhaps not as bad as the 1970s." In a special interview to CNBC, billionaire Warren Buffett says that the US is indeed in a recession. But he also says that it is perhaps not as bad as it was...
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    Beginners Step by Step trading lessons with video

    Dear Members, A warm welcome to Traderji, for those of you starting out David Waring's site is an excellent site to familiarize yourself with trading in a step by step manner. Each lesson is accompanied with a you tube video and most of his lessons make sound sense. Please begin with the...
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    Are we in a Bear Market? Robert Prechter Says Yes.

    First up .....I trade what I see I don't predict if its up i tade up till it stops or turns down ... if its down i trade down till it stops or turns up .... if i dont know the direction I'm out or with options .... so its not my opinion its the opinion of arguably the best Elliotician on the...
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    Stamp duty on NSE?

    Can any member please tell me how stamp duty is calculated for futures and options contracts on the NSE? Why do they deduct stamp duty as there is no paper work?
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    Writing Options

    if you're new to options trading do not even consider writing a naked option, you will have to pay a margin and your losses are unlimited unless you square off especially in these volatile times when there are so many problems and brokers have shut down their systems during trading hours you...
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    fastest terminal with TA charting

    Can any member please tell me which is the fastest stable terminal with TA charting facility which includes at least basic charting with moving averages, trendlines, stochastics, MACD, ADX and other basic indicators. Also which broker provides this Many thanx Marcus :)
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    Rich dad's Robert Kiyosaki ??

    He's sold 26 million books can this possibly be true You decide
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    best brokerage for futures

    Does anyone know who offers the best deal for futures, say like a flat rate irrespective of your trade like icici does for options? thanks :)
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    google trouble

    Does anyone know if the google server is down, doesn't seem to be loading for me all i get is a small g icon on the top left corner of my screen, the server may be temporarily unoperational or i may be infected with a virus. :)
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    Level 2 screen in India?

    Does anyone know if any trading terminal (other than NEAT and BOLT) offer a facility akin to a US level 2 quotes screen?
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    CFTC/NFA fines Trading gurus

    The truth about trading gurus
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    Guide for beginners

    This is a great guide for beginners, please read right from the introduction through to chapter 10 :)
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    Whick Indian female business analyst is the most gorgeous?

    As I'm getting married this month, wanted to express my admiration for Shireen bhan :D as this would be the last chance I'd get :D Anyway l who is the most beautiful of them all. Shreen bhan - CNBC
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    which commodities have max volatility and liquidity

    Can anyone tell me which commodities have the max volatility of late and good vol, in short I need a list of atleast 10 commodities in my watch list worthwhile trading. Also between mcx and ncdex which is the better of the two exchanges. thanks :)
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    Marcus's collected quotes

    Dear friends, I will be posting the best quotes from the best traders viz-a-vi those who'v actually walked the walked as opposed to those who simply talk the talk (glib talkers as dada would say haha).
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    News trading is the only way 2go in FX

    The 5% of fx traders that win use news trading, the 95% that lose use TA Is this true? Wonder if any one could comment. Sounds logical though does'nt it? Specuators in the forex market are a minority as the forex market isn't driven by greed and fear. Anyone know how news trading is...
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    Mark Mcrae's momentum trading video

    Here's a training video for a momentum based trading system developed by Mark Mcrae which uses momentum and RSI. ;)
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    Check out "The Power Laws"

    The following is an article I came across on the internet and I subsequently found the following two articles whilw researching "the power laws"
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    Kelly's original report of 1956

    Dear friends, In the books Market Wizaeds, Newmarket Wizards and StockMarket Wizards I found all the traders concured on two points 1)Undertrade 2)Money management. I found most of them use FA but some equally successful use TA, but they all concur on the above two points. As far...