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  1. chaitanyagoa

    Futures calls

    Hello, I have been posting the calls and no one seems to be following... please check the link in my signature... I will be glad if i can help some ppl... This is not a brokerage or something... Thanks
  2. chaitanyagoa

    Trading Stock Futures and Indices

    Hey Guys, I have been Out of the form for a while now Due to some personal reasons. But Over this period i have been quietly watching the markets and i think it is time to start analyzing charts and share the knowledge with all the friends. I am sure it will help me a lot too.... So, I will...
  3. chaitanyagoa

    Are we ever gonna go up?

    Hey Guys, The world markets have been a pain lately..... And this is not looking to end soon, though markets all over have been thrashed!!!! All the good news is being sidelined and even small issues which hardly matter are being highlighted to throw the markets!!! Things are not looking to...
  4. chaitanyagoa

    Savant Sir.... How to read IO?

    Sirjiii, I see a lot of CALLS building up at the TCS CA 800.... Now my question is how to know if the TCS 800 CA is being bought or Written? I can see the sell and buy quantity on the order book, wherein the sell quantity exceeds the buy quantity by a big margin...... Does that mean that a lot...
  5. chaitanyagoa

    what is wrong with TCS?

    Guys, TCS has lost 2.5% yesterday despite of good results... Does anyone know of a reason that happened? any ideas of how it can be traded from here on? Thanks
  6. chaitanyagoa

    Infosys Results...

    Does someone know when are the results coming for Infosys? Please provide the links if possible?
  7. chaitanyagoa

    What's Wrong with IT??

    Hey, what is wrong with the IT sector guys??? I understand the rupee appreciation having a beating on the IT sector.... But how far can this GO? Also, How to trade in such scenarios? All comments will be appreciated...:thumb:
  8. chaitanyagoa

    Trading Stock Options

    Hey guys, I have searched the thread for Stock Options but couldn't find any. SO i thought of starting a new thread. I will post what stocks Options i am trading and try to explain as to why i have the positions. I am very new to stock Options and will be grateful if the senior pros chip in...
  9. chaitanyagoa

    Falcon data......

    Did anyone hear about the Falcon data provider??? would be great if some one can shed some light on it...........:) Thanks
  10. chaitanyagoa


    Hello Guys, Did someone hear of the Data Provider called Falcon????...:) Heard it from my friends..... I thought i would inquire/share about it here.....:) Thanks
  11. chaitanyagoa

    Data for INtrday with AMiBroker???

    Hello... Can anyone suggest me the best possible data provider for Intraday which can be loaded into the Amibroker???? Thanks
  12. chaitanyagoa

    ICICI DIRECT Stoploss

    HI guys ... Can someone tell me how to place a stop loss in ICICIDIRECT(while Buying) ? Also does the stoploss expire every day once placed?:confused:
  13. chaitanyagoa

    How to get the charts?

    Hey I was just wondering from where can we get the daily charts and the weekly charts for the companies.... Any suggestions would be helpful:) Thanks Chitanya
  14. chaitanyagoa

    any idea or suggessions on glory polyfilms

    hi i was jus wondering about the glory Polyfilms.... it is creating new lows everyday... any comments on that? Thanks
  15. chaitanyagoa

    Broker charge for Intraday trading for ICICI

    Hello Seniors and friends, Can someone tell me what is the broker charge for Intraday trading in ICICIC? Thanks :confused:
  16. chaitanyagoa

    Day trading with ICICI?

    can some one explain me the procedure to do Day trading using ICICIDIRECT? Thanks
  17. chaitanyagoa

    Reliance comm

    what is the best time to Exit Reliance communications? Any suggestions would be helpful:) Thanks:clap:
  18. chaitanyagoa

    comments on eastern silk?

    Hello, any comments on Eastern silk? Thanks :thumb:
  19. chaitanyagoa

    ANy commments on Abn Offshore??

    Hello Seniors, i would like to know about investing in the company Aban Offshores? what do u guys think is it a good share to invest in at thsi moment?:) Thanks
  20. chaitanyagoa

    Question regarding the ICICIDIRECT

    Hi guys, i have a question regarding the ICICIDIRECT buying:confused: can anyone explain me the difference between Buy/Sell and Fast Buy/Sell????? can someone explain me in detail:) Thanks