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    Derivatives Guide trading in options- A buyer rule

    hii guys im mahesh here , im just sharing my experience which will be of help to many traders no books its all practical's a rule for a success in day trading esp as a options buyers , let me put it in 3 ways from my 10yrs + exp of which 9 yrs i failed though i was not continuous all these...
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    looking for like minded traders in hyderabad

    hiii any fellow people from hyderabad , im a full time trader
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    My Real Trading journey Will start from Sept Last week 2020, till 2020 Dec 31st ill post my daily trades here-Trading Doc

    Scripts i Trade Nifty + nifty index and banknifty i will list 25 scrips including 2 nifty and banknifty ie other 23 ill post here ill only trade in that daily will post my Trades here EOD . Risk reward 1:1 min, max 1:5 min 2 lots in index futures options and 1 lot in stock futures/options...
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    best high exposure margin low brokerage broker india

    Guys lets compare here please post in any broker in this order so that it would be usefull for other memebers only exposure brokers. avoiding brokers who dont provide exposure atleast 15X so zerodha upstox fyers are all excluded. atleast 15X min in NFO and options selling./index futures. Astha...
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    Brokers i used in this 10yrs of trade experience now 2009-2020

    Hello guys Well im basically a short term trader , i invest for a period of 1yr to 2yrs... Intraday trader as usual i prefer require 20x margin and low brokerage. Intially in 2009 i opend account with vetura securities and kotak 3in1 account , due to high brokerage i couldnt trade intraday i was...