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    Indiainfo Problem

    how was the stop loss order should i have placed ? pls. explain me with the same exaple, to avoid me any further losses
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    Indiainfo Problem

    Totay I have place an limit order to short sell IFCI 1000 no. @ 53.50 around 11:46:47a.m.. I trade daily with this stock. yesterday whole day it was consolidating in a very small range also had a resistance at 53.60. I have placed short sell order in a view that if the price touches 53.5 it will...
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    Watermark !!! visit here :)
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    Get live NSE stock quote

    gr8 work, Thanx a lot
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    Gold ETFs in Reliance money

    As it is there are very few Gold ETFs are existing. Even though they tell clients to invest online like Mutual Funds or Equities....most of the brokers dosen't permit the same. Most funny thing is Reliance money is not permitting their clients to their own GOLD ETF :mad:
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    Offline portfolio tracker

    [URL=""] go to this, free of cost :p
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    FREE Charts on BSE and sensex

    go to Register for free to get EOD charts with few indicators.:D
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    Application form for Quantam Gold Fund

    y ! i too need to know how to invest in GOLD ETF i am investing online thru 5paisa. thru them investment can be made only in DSP Merill..World Gold fund. while there r few more funds like reliance, UTI, Kotak, Benchmark and Quantum offering gold ETF. Benchmark executive said it can be...
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    one question related to intraday

    i guess , broker won't allow u to transact unless u have some funds with them. that's what my brokers ( 5paisa as well as Rmoney) does. e.g. say i have 10k with them....both allows me to transact till 50k...not more than that.
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    Best MIP (Monthly Income Plan) Mutual Funds

    Re: MIP or Post Office Scheme !!! dose postal MIP's offer any tax benefit ? if yes, how much ?
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    Gold Funds

    how can i invest in Gold thru Mutual Fund ? Is there any mutual fund trading in Gold ?:confused:
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    Direct Investment in Mutual Funds

    Re: Direct to AMCs or through Agent ?? y ! i too was thinking abt the same. But I will think to change from the broker to direct my online broker is not helping me to troubleshoot and blaming everything on AMC's. So better to interact with them directly who are responsible to...
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    how to access 5pmail from 5paisa

    go to http://mail.5p********* type mail id as ur [email protected]********* , put password and u can access ur mailbox
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    ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) General Discussions

    Re: Tax rebate or tax exemption ? URGENT No Knowledge To Any One ?
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    ELSS (Equity Linked Saving Scheme) General Discussions

    Tax rebate or tax exemption ? URGENT i wish to invest in MF's for the tax purpose ( reducing the tax burden :D ) pls. let me know 1) it is mentioned that dividend income is exempted but what abt. the original investment ? 2) all the MF investments will get rebate ? or only tax savers...
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    5paisa TTADVANCE - Valuable information

    sorry, ur link shows 'page not found'. I am the subscriber of 5paisa TT advance. TTadvance is the 2 month old baby. earlier it was tt5. pls write the message here or send it to me on [email protected] since curious to know what the message is about
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    Mutual Funds Tax Saver.

    1) are units purchased transferable ? e.g. purchased online on wife's name / children's name can be transfered to husband's name later ? 2) if not , then ; can a husband claimed for tax rebate for the investement made in the name of wife / children ?
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    BHEL Bonus

    ya, bonus got credited in my 5paisa & rmoney both a/cs when i logged in today. it was not there till yesterday
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    Any body know about R Trade?

    INPROCESS thing happens only if u r trading on margin. Obviously they cancle all ur given orders on 3 p.m. and sq/off ur position on 3.10 p.m. sometimes it works in ur favour sometimes not. but at least this is a good option i say. u can put ur stoploss orders as well as ur targeted exit order...
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    Limited Resources

    thanx Sunil for ur guidence BTW, abt drawing trendlines, they dosen't have any options like that