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    Hi, Anybody using services? Please share your feedbacks! yasir
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    Some of My COT Thoughts!!

    Read more about COT here. Cot reports are good to understand the overall picture of any given market. Timing is another thing. once you find set up, it's better to depend on technical indicators to find entry and exit points. Lets see how it performs in real time!! YaZ.
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    Fx Bits And Pieces

    Post anything related to forex trading except technical indicators. interesting news or articles which will help us to understand current market situations.
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    Milking Ticks out of NTPC

    Okay... Thats is my intention at least:). however the fact is that I don't know much about the fundamental side of NTPC. in fact there is not a solid strategy or system as of now. all I have is few ideas. I'm trying to capitalize on that. There is nothing special about me choosing NTPC for...
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    How to buy a farm house by trading markets!

    Mid term Forex trades. I'll be trading standard lots of major currency pairs. Though its slightly different, we'll count a pip as $10 for all pairs(though thats not the case. the pip value will be always different as the position size changes as the value of the account changes).this is only...
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    The global credit crisis and Indian Rupee!

    Although it is unlikely the crisis in the U.S financial sector will send India in to a tailspin, there are still some vulnerabilities. The banking sector in India is of course fundamentally sound. However there are chances for these firms holding a chunk of the so called toxic mortgage related...
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    Intraday Trading with Geojit

    Hellooo Anybody here daytrade with geojit? How is their brokerage rates(for intraday trading) compared to other brokers? What about slippage and execution of orders? What is the percentage of margin they provide for intraday trading? Anything specific?? Share your experience...
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    Hello Everybody, I am new to this forum . I have been trading forex for a long time. Not long ago I noticed a correlation between the Indian equity market and a few currency pairs. So I am here to encash it:cool:. Yasir. NB: I have few doubts about the brokers and intraday...