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    NSE Stocks Bhav EOD Data Files from 1995 to Current Date

    Hello friends, I am sharing the NSE Stocks Bhav EOD Data Files from 1995 to 30APRIL2021. Download link - The password for the zip file is @NiftyTrader12 Thanks & Regards
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    Great Discount Offers for Indian Traders

    Black Friday Deals are live for this season. Please share those deals which are related to Indian Stock Market Traders. Here is one such deal from, where they are offering 60 % Discounts for the Annual Packs - If you find some great...
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    The Market Mafia Stock market mafia and NSE scandal - The Sunday Guardian Live Excerpts from The Market Mafia by Palak Shah, made exclusively available to The Sunday Guardian. The Market Mafia by long-time stock market...
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    Freelancer required for Web Hosting

    Hello I need a freelancer who has experience in hosting a small website and forum. If you are interested in doing this on payment basis, then please message me directly. If you have prior experience of working with that will be great, because I am thinking about using...
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    Bank Nifty - Quarterly Option Contracts - New Opportunities

    Hello Friends As you all might be aware, NSE has started quarterly option contracts on Bank Nifty as well. The details are as follows - The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has introduced quarterly options contracts on Nifty Bank Index, giving traders an added flexibility to take longer bets on...
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    Tools and Resources for Auto Trading

    Hello Friends Here I will be sharing the tools and resources that will be useful in Auto Trading. I am in the process of automating my own trading, therefor spending a lot of time in checking out currently available best tools etc. in the market for retail traders. To begin with, I am sharing...
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    NSE Tick Data - Best Offer

    Hello Friends I am looking to purchase the TICK Data for NSE "Futures and Options Segment" which will include the tick data for all the futures and option contracts that are traded at NSE on a daily basis. Such data is being sent in the evening emails to the respective subscribers of GFDL and...
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    Is this OnePlus 6T Mobile on SALE, worth buying in your opinion ?

    Hello friends. I have to buy one mobile in the under 30,000 price range. I will be using it for placing live trades as well. One friend has suggested me these 2 models which are currently available at discount on because of their Freedom Sale for Prime Members. I have never...
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    AFL Modification Work - Payment Basis

    Hello I have an AFL which is generating automated buy and sell trade signals, at the completion of the price bar. The problem is that if it finds 5 different stocks which meets the criteria, then it generates 5 signals for each of them simultaneously at the very same second. All I need to do...
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    Which broker accepts Liquid Funds as Collateral ?

    Do you know some broker who accepts the Liquid Funds as Collateral and provide the margin for trading NSE Stocks and FnO Segments ? If I have have Rs 10 lac in Liquid Funds, then how much margin should I expect to get for trading, based on this 10 lac ? And what is the ratio of the CASH that I...
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    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009

    Stock delivery volumes on NSE, BSE drop to lowest since 2009 Nov 02, 2018, 07.46 AM IST High trading volume seems to be driving the stock market amid a significant fall in the delivery of stocks. The...
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    Diwali Offers from Data Vendors

    This is the Diwali Time friends, and we get discounts on everything during such festive season. Datafeed is a necessary part for all of us. Some use the Authorized Data Vendors, some use unauthorized, some use free sources, but we all need data for sure. This thread is not for marketing or...
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    Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 update roll out halted after major bug Microsoft rolled out its second biggest software update earlier this month. Shortly after the global release of Windows...
  14. trendtrade

    TD D-waves in Amibroker

    I am posting this thread based on the posts made in another thread, located here -
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    Database Programmer needed on Payment Basis

    Hi I am looking for some programmer who has working experience in Microsoft SQL Server Database. I need to get some queries designed for NSE Stocks and FnO Stock Market Database. The queries are not complicated. If you have good knowledge, then you will be able to design these queries easily. I...
  16. trendtrade

    Technical Analysis Sources - Good Ones

    Hello Friends There are so many websites available online which explain the various Technical Analysis Patterns / Concepts etc. that it becomes overwhelming. If you have any particular favorite source, which explains the concepts with the help of Drawings or Chart Examples etc. and also...