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    Need help in AFL coding for strategy

    Hi, Can anyone please code the below strategy as I am begineer and learning AFL so not familier now. Logic: On starting Mark 30min 2nd candle high & low Buy Logic: If price break above 30min 2nd candle the Buy signal comes Targets (T1, T2, T3) = Set from parameter setting Manual in % from...
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    Please help to code combine line chart for Options

    Hi friends, Can anyone please help me in Amibroker AFL coding as per below strategy? Need Strike Options to mention (ex: NIFTYWK15700CE). Need atleast 4 strike options fields. Strike 1: NIFTYWK15700CE Strike 2: NIFTYWK15700PE Strike 3: NIFTYWK15500CE Strike 4: NIFTYWK15500PE And Strike Buy or...