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    i have it.but data is not doyou use it?

    i have it.but data is not doyou use it?
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    Dear @Nish, please if possible explain the insigts of the co-relation with FED decision and markets,especially indian markets.. Happy trading
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    need advance get link to download

    @RYWK which version you need EOD OR RT?
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    you can backfill from vwap for that day only.. Happy trading
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    Walk With Me

    Dear @brokenbull PLEASE EXPLAIN ABOUT " I trade (scale in/scale out) BANKBEE ETF based on BN futures " what is scale in/ scale out, how to trade Bankbee etf in dy trade ? i hope most of them get clarification from your answer...:) Happy trading.
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    Review required : The Option School (strategies pack)

    Yes,@Brighton said is correct, but i can sure 4-7% is probable every month but need adjusements and tactis with analytical skills,but it become as experience in real trading...
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    Options best strategy for a day or two with consistent profit

    why not make a desktop version application instead of android because most of the fuulltime traders using desktop/laptop mobile only watching the ltp price when outof pc.. ifyou make windows app then you can minimize delayed data or fully real time data feed is possible like DDE server/excelfeed...
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    why not know? try bell tpo. mzpack,acme pack, trader-tale,ofa tool.. allof them free here.. Happy trading..
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    Trade Smart Online

    Mail from TradeSmart Online? Or any other broker? If another broker's name please..
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    oh!! i am sorry, Are you helpful/reliable guy!!, if yes, share your excel sheet or Ami PI (even if it's paid version)or at least share your trading methodology based entry exit view (no need system) if not , just continue your work as usual. here any one not begging your tips.. Happy trading
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    Dear Yusi , I know you made a small utility to feed Ninja Trader still you use it? if yes can...

    Dear Yusi , I know you made a small utility to feed Ninja Trader still you use it? if yes can you provide me..? Happy Trading...
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    He is not helpful guy.. past 2 years, he is playing with PItoAmi utility.. I assume on top of the "Option utility " also in the same way. just treat it as a trash thread...
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    Intraday Trading for a Living!

    if you explain " what you had mistake and how it was rectified " new traders and struggling traders will get benefit by you..;)
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    Intraday Trading for a Living!

    quote missed
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    Default members list Happy Trading!?
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    Flash trader

    video running without issue ,not spam.. good to see... Happy trading
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    what you think about this up move? mean.. India is growing faster then other country ? or after corona pandemic end consumer trend changes dramatically to boost economic? or govt spending to social economic will increase dramatically? or FII'S dump the money (now FII's taken away DII's...
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    Another Bhavcopy Downloader (ABCD)

    Dear Josh, for your information.. Mega links still working in India it's prevented by ISP provider. but we can get link by using vpn mode..(chrome add-on-hide my ip) please add MCX Bhavcopy so that ABCD fulfill EOD requirements. Happy Trading...
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    UPSTOX Nest Trader not working

    please if it's possible explain via screenshots or video..?may be helpful to Using Nest traders... i know we can set alert but how is based on formula, csv & mail.. Happy trading...
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    Double or Sit like BEAR

    oh!! sorry, it's hanging on wall with downward bias...wait 2-3 days , then decide it as per your wish.. Happy trading