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    Need help in AFL coding for strategy

    Hi, Can anyone please code the below strategy as I am begineer and learning AFL so not familier now. Logic: On starting Mark 30min 2nd candle high & low Buy Logic: If price break above 30min 2nd candle the Buy signal comes Targets (T1, T2, T3) = Set from parameter setting Manual in % from...
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    Please help to code combine line chart for Options

    Hi, The target and stoploss willbe set manually from parameter settings of AFL. And the single line means on amibroker chart the combined strike price value will show as line chart. Strike 1: NIFTYWK15700CE Buy Strike 2: NIFTYWK15700PE Buy Strike 3: NIFTYWK15500CE Buy Strike 4...
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    Data Feeder For Amibroker

    Hi Dinesh, Is it still working? And can it will work for Banknifty, Nifty Options data as well? Please let me know the format to add options data if it still working.
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    Please help to code combine line chart for Options

    Hi friends, Can anyone please help me in Amibroker AFL coding as per below strategy? Need Strike Options to mention (ex: NIFTYWK15700CE). Need atleast 4 strike options fields. Strike 1: NIFTYWK15700CE Strike 2: NIFTYWK15700PE Strike 3: NIFTYWK15500CE Strike 4: NIFTYWK15500PE And Strike Buy or...